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Click for larger LEGO Passenger Plane (7893)
By Lando Da Pimp

Every once and a while I like to build a non-movie / themed set. Town sets are fun and LEGO is moving in a direction I have been enjoying by making larger sets.

Click for largerConstruction
The passenger plane is made up with 401 pieces and is a simple build. From the look of the box, I was surprised at the actual size of the plane. The body of the plane makes up most of the pieces; the tail fin and wings of the plane are very large pieces. While some LEGO purists may complain about this, I can't possibly see the plane staying together without them. If they were made up of smaller wing pieces I could see the set falling apart.

In building the set, you construct the interior of the plane. The cockpit actually fits two mini-figures side by side with an instrument panel and levers in the center. The only thing I wish would be present is a steering wheel (is that what they call it on a plane?).

Click for largerThe next two interior sections are the first class (five seats) and second class (six seats). The only difference between the two sections is that three of the seats in first class can rotate back and forth. Oooh...Cushy!

The back of the plane is for the flight attendant. A small kitchenette with sink, refreshment cart, seat, and luggage rack are located here. The refreshment cart is really an impressive design. The cart does not use wheels but uses hinges underneath. On top of the cart are two glasses and a compartment that holds refreshments.

Click for largerThe clever part of the plane is the two plane doors. The LEGO mechanism actually closes like a real airplane door closes. It doesn't uses hinges but two LEGO arm pieces that rotate and move the door in and out.

The plane also comes with a movable stairs for the mini-figures to enter the plane.

Click for largerThe Figures
The set comes with four mini-figures; the pilot, flight attendant, airplane mechanic, and one passenger. Four figures are great but as always, I want more. I believe that this is a new pilot figure design.

Click for largerOverall
Overall this is a fun set. The plane is larger than previous plane sets making it more in scale with the mini-figures. My only complaint is that the top of the plane does not open up easily. Some collectors may complain about the large single piece nature of the cockpit, tailfin, and wings but—as stated before—to make a large plane like this, it needs to be sturdy. LEGO fans having a problem with the size of these pieces may rethink thier opinion after getting a good look at this set in person and comparing the size with the previous plane sets. Recommended.

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