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Click meLEGO Imperial Inspection (7264)
By Lando Da Pimp

Checking up on Darth Vader, the Emperor arrives via his Imperial Shuttle to inspect the progress of the new Death Star. Making sure things are up to par, the Imperial officers and workers fret that the Emperor is not as forgiving as Darth Vader. The new LEGO set Imperial Inspection (7264) is based on the scene from Episode VI Return of the Jedi where the Emperor arrives at the Death Star to complete the Death Star before a foreseen Rebel Attack.Click me

The core of the set is the larger scale Imperial Shuttle. The ship is the same design as the previous LEGO set (7166). The only difference is the color change of grey blocks used on the wings. The wings open up for flight and fold up for landing exactly like the film. The entrance however is not located in the front but in the back with a removable passenger compartment. This is done to keep costs down because building it to scale with the figures would cost a fortune.

Click meThe biggest selling point for this set is the inclusion of 10 mini-figures. LEGO seems to be listening to the fans with the demand for more figures included with each set. The Emperor figure now has a grey face instead of the bright yellow. A Darth Vader figure is included with no change as well as the Royal Guards that aren't different. Four Stormtroopers are included with new paint schemes, yet still missing a face along with two flesh-colored Imperial Commanders.

Click meThe set also includes a command station that is a nice added bonus. The set has a laser turret and a working crane that loads the cargo tram.

I missed out on picking up the older set and I am glad I did because the set now includes more figures and a great command post. LEGO fans that have bought the previous set may want to pass on this set since the design of the Imperial Shuttle has not changed but the inclusion of 10 mini-figures is tempting.

You can pick up this set from, and check out LEGO's Star Wars shop.

Be sure to see the rest of our LEGO coverage, and our continuing Star Wars coverage.

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