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click for larger Hasbro's Slave Girl Leia Unleashed
by Lando da Pimp

Return of the Jedi not only was the final installment of the Original Trilogy but also the movie that made Princess Leia more than just the princess she became the sexual desire of every Star Wars geek. Including myself.

For the past year I have been desperately searching for my Holy Grail [Ed note: see the Weapon X article], the Princess Leia Slave Girl Unleashed figure. After a year of visiting every Toys R' Us in my area and refusing to buy it from some hack on eBay, I came across the statue at my local TRU .

click for largerPrincess Leia Unleashed is a sculpture of every fan boy's favorite costume, and the figure delivers. The sculpting is by no means an accurate representation of Carrie Fisher's body, but a very exaggerated Princess Leia. Here Leia is sculpted in a very sultry, but strong, determined-woman-pose looking like she is about to kick your ass. [Ed note: Oh no you di-INT].

The painting apps on Leia are excellent. The eyes, eyebrows, lips and facial coloring are spectacular with no flaws to be found. The bikini design is dead-on from the movie including giving us the first view of her thong!

click for largerWhile some reviewers have problems with the Unleashed linem I think it is more because that they are really just inexpensive figurines then action figures. They have no articulation but look great on a toy shelf or in my case, the desk in my office.

The gold bikini has become engrained in popular culture. In the third season of Friends, an episode aired titled The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) asks Ross (David Schwimmer), if he had any fantasy's he would like to experience. Ross admits that he would love to play out the Princess Leia Slave Girl fantasy. At the end of the episode Rachel dresses in the gold bikini making every Star Wars fan realize just how powerful this costume has become and how hot Jennifer Aniston really is.

click for largerA website entitled Leia's Metal has a large collection of artwork, photos of fan costumes, and even links on how to make or buy a slave girl outfit. I encourage you to check out some of the artworkm it really is exceptional and if you're a guy like me, look into getting your girlfriend or wife a gold bikini.

click for largerThe August 2002 issue of FHM magazine featured 20 most memorable moments in bikini history. Unfortunately the moment was rated at 18th making a truly injustice as it should be number one. [Ed note: The problem is that the magazine blows, in general. So says Mr. Stinkhead]

In the late 90's Hasbro released the first Slave Girl action figure presenting the costume for the first time. Kenner never produced the figure with the original line and now we have seen the costume appear in action figures, 12 inch dolls, and cardboard stand ups.

click for largerWith my find of the Unleashed figure, I am now satisfied with my Star Wars collection for now. That is of course before the Episode III figures are released. If there is one thing George Lucas knows, its how to dress his female costars. My other favorite Unleashed figurine is Padme in her tight ripped white outfit. Like Leia, we get a very exaggerated, busty version of Natalie Portman. Its amazing that a costume can become a part in pop culture and inspire people to draw, make costumes, and collect a character based on a gold bikini. After all what guy doesn't want to find a girl that is as pretty as Princess Leia, and as smart as Yoda?

Check out my other recent Grail acquisition Weapon X from Toy Biz.

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