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New Line Cinema LOTR Holiday Products

Even though Peter Jackson has finished with the Lord of the Rings films and moved on to King Kong, there is still plenty of Rings merchandise available. With Christmas on the horizon here are a few suggestions for either yourself or Lord of the Rings fan.

Click to see!Elrond and Elven Warrior 2 Pack Minimates
By Art Asylum

The exclusive edition Elrond from Art Asylum was the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for Action Figure Xpress. The design is based on the prologue to the Lord of the Rings seen in The Fellowship of the Ring. Elrond has 14 points of articulation with Elven Armor, cape, sword and scabbard.

Click to see!Also available from Action Figure Xpress is the Elven Warriors 2 pack. This set contains an archer and swordsmen of the Elven Noldor clan. Both figures have different facial expressions. The archer is packaged with a bow and arrows. The swordsman comes equipped with a sword and scabbard.

Both of these Minimate sets are available for purchase at Action Figure Xpress; Elrond and Elven 2-pack.

For Minimates goodness, check out our comprehensive Minimates coverage.

Click to see!The Mines of Moria Tabletop Battle Game Starter Set
By Games Workshop

If you or somebody you know is interested in role-playing games then you should check out the Mines of Moria starter set from Games Works Shop. The game is customizable with all game pieces ready to be painted. The character pieces include the fellowship, Moria Goblins and a cave troll. Elements from the mines of Moria are also included to recreate the different surroundings. Four scenerios are available to reinact the Fellowship journey through the mines of Moria.

This and other games are available at

Lord of the Rings Lady Fossil Watch
By Fossil

Click to see!Is your girlfriend or wife a Lord of the Rings fan? Believe it or not, there are some women who love the Lord of the Rings. Fossil watches has introduced a limited edition Elven Charm watch.

This watch is made of stainless steel with three different Elven charms. The face fo the watch feaures a round dial with and Elven flower and white crystal. The watch comes packaged in wooded box with LOTR artwork. The watch is wrapped around a small white pillow and Certificate of Authenticity.

This watch is limited to 3000 pieces and is available at

Check out the New Line store.

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