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Click here!spacerMAD*L Phase 3
with Jager

Collectors have waited almost two years for a new line of MAD*Ls, and while it was a long and painful wait, it was well worth it. This run is made up of three new designs from MAD himself, who has taken over the production of the toys. Don't let this worry you concerning quality control though. The paint applications are very clean and the toys, like his new production company's name are solid.

Like I said, there are three new designs in this phase. Well, four if you count the NYCC exclusive but more on that in a bit. I'm really stoked how each of these toys has its own character. Speaking of character, Phase 3 oozes it. MAD is an expert illustrator and the MAD*L form lends itself so well to this with its flat surfaces and large highly interpretive heads. If you've read my previous reviews, you know I love the toy and the concept behind it so we won't rehash the subtleties of the design. However, we will take a closer look at each of the characters.

Click here!Slam
This guy is pure MAD. The thick eyebrows, graff inspired tattoos, and the money bling belt buckle are all his signature style. This is the first MAD*L (aside from the monsters' dog tags) that breaks the form with earrings. This dude is all attitude and while I don't like the term Urban Vinyl, it fits here. The stripes on the pants are very clean and straight and the tattoos are also really tight in application.

Click here!Armybot
Armybot is an innocent little robot complete with riveted seams. I'm really impressed with the lighter green paint application to give a reflective look to his face and body. The star on his chest may or may not be homage to GI Joe, but it reminds me of my battles on the couch. It's really impressive to me that there can be so much emotion with just a set of eyes, but it's there. If you were lucky enough to go to NYCC this year you could have scored the black and gray version of this guy: Black Guard. If you count the Guard in this Phase, there are actually four toys to the line. They both are great, and look excellent next to each other.

Click here!Aidamon
Being the third monster by MAD, this is also characterization of one of his children. You can tell it's one of the three by the tag and the "mon" in its name. This one is a sweet yeti of sorts. I love how the "ears" of the sculpt are used as ram horns. This is the simplest of the designs, but I can't help but love it. But I've always had a thing for yetis and sasquatch. The blue lines are all very clean and the tag is on there very snugly.

Click here! Overall, this is a great return of the MAD*L. A little smaller run than the previous phases, but the three offered are great representations of MAD's style. I think I'm so excited because these were some of the first Western Designer Toys to grab my attention and it's awesome to see them return with such high quality and character.

You can get yourself a set of these from the man himself at his e-store, They even come signed!

He also has a great site,, full of info on projects.

Check out all our Designer Toy coverage and relax. It's been a long week.

MAD had a solo show during NYCC and we were there. Check out the pics in our NYCC coverage.

Check out our handy page containing all our Designer Toy coverage (including a look at the last two series of MAD*Ls).

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