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Click for biggerspacer Suckadelic Toys: Fly and Ruthless :: Mary Paper$
by Lando da Pimp

Sucadelic Toys, creator of last year's Gay Empire figures (pink Stormtroopers), has released another Supervillan, the fly and ruthless Mary Paper$. On Thursday, May 18 Sucklord revealed this new creation that is available now at When I was in New York earlier this year I, checked out the Gay Empire Figures and Sucklord 77 figures at the kidrobot store. Later that day I got to meet Suckadelic and we talked about spreading the word on these creations. With Suckadelic's new figure released he provided a sample for MPB to feature and review. Check it out:

What's Her Story?
Notorious for her flashy ways and Scandalous lifestyle, this fast-talking hustler is ruthless in her pursuit of money, status, and fame. Beautiful but evil, Mary Paper$ rolls deep with her snobbly lush crew on some 24-7 Party and Bullshit. Wannabe's and hata's watch from the sides and plan revenge. Mary Paper$ is all about the paperchase as she schemes to take over the whole SUPERVILLAN racket as the first HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE. Her capital weakness is MEN and she is easily gassed by gaudy displays of power and wealth. She is dazzled by material objects and will go to extreme lengths to satisfy her outrageously expensive and exotic tastes. She has many enemies and imitators. You don't wanna F*** with her! She may be small but if you cross her you might find your self cut the f*** up. What!?

Click for biggerSo How Does She Look?
The creative toy bootlegging company has produced another great supervillan. Encased in expensive paper stock, Mary Paper$' story, along with photos of her, are printed on the back. Also on the back is the warning that this is not a toy. It's an Art Object. Now I wouldn't recommend you opening this figure and if it wasn't for the review I wouldn't open it. However, as a courtesy to fully review the figure I opened up the package very carefully to photograp it. The bubble encasing the figure is only taped down. With a careful slice of the knife I was able to remove the figure without damage to the card.

Click for biggerThe figure is a first for the Suckadelic Toy Company, as it is the first to feature real flocking on her fur coat. A gun in her left hand is secured by a drop of glue, so it won't come loose. Her face is covered by a silver mask that is partially covered by her blonde hair she also wears a silver bikini top that matches her facemask. Customized by a gold skirt and tennis shoes, Mary is really a great work of art.

Click for biggerOverall
I really enjoy Suckadelic's toy bootlegging. Each character has a outrageous story that helps envision this character. Unlike the Gay Empire, where the base was clearly Stormtroopers, it is not entirely clear to me all of the parts of other action figures used. The body resembles the Princess Leia Slave Girl Action figure based on the bikini top. As for the other parts I am not sure. However, this is not really important in the long run. Suckadelic's creations are a lot of fun and very unique. Mary is limited to 200 pieces. If you pick up a Mary Paper$, remember this is NOT a toy. It's an Art Object!

Order Mary Paper$ and other products from the Suckadelic store, and check out photos from the Kidrobot party.

We also recommend getting your grubby hands on the Supervillians CD featuring sound clips of your favorite baddies set to sick back beats and techno flare.

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