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Finding Nemo Premium at McDonald's
by Mr. Stinkhead®

I recently got the slew of McDonalds Bee Movie premium. I haven't seen the movie these are based on, but if you have a little one that enjoyed the movie, they're probably going to want to get their sticky fingers on these toys. Pics and review inside.

The box is covered with pop-out hexagons (six sides, right?) with bee questions and answers. The kids are encouraged to pop them out and match them up. There's also a code to enter at the McDonald's web site to "continue" the Bee Movie experience. It also has pictures of the characters with their names (which is good, you should have read my original Finding Nemo Happy Meal toy review)

You get two Barry figures. The first one has posable arms and does a little shimmy when you wind him up. Two kudos here: It's amazing that this figure with such a large butt (I was going to google the term for "bee rear end" but figured 'meh') can stand up on such skinny legs and dance without toppling over. So Kudos on that. I also really like the linticular plastic used for the wings. I kinda wish that they waggled a little bit when he danced, but I understand that safety (ie less parts that can break off and become a choking hazard, the better) is foremost.

The other Barry you get is wearing a Pollen Jockey helmet. He has an on/off button, and will say phrases from the movie when you press the button. He says "That was a little weird" "Hello, hello?" and "OWWWW!" This Barry's legs are posable, so if you find the "notch" when moving them, he'll stand up, but you can tell it's a delicate balance. Both of these Barry's have a piece of thin "shoelace" as antennae.

Mooseblood is the long mosquito type bug, and is lying on his belly. He has long wings made out of that linticular plastic. Wind him up and he vibrates and wiggles all over the place.

Adam has what looks like ice skates on his feet, and he walks along (wiggling his legs) when you wind him up. These toys are for children 3 & up however, my 3 month old likes the high contrast of these bee stripes. He doesn't touch this toy yet, he just looks at it. Ask your McDonalds for toys for children under 3 years of age.

The Pollen Jockey (the only bees allowed to leave the hive) is also positioned on his belly, and has hard plastic nodules (or nipples, if you will) that allow him to move around when you wind him up and let him wiggle. Depending on the hard surface, it makes a great buzzing noise like a bee.

Wally the Waterbug is on his belly (and not on the packaging, I had to dig up what his name is) He has wheels underneath, pull back and let him go... and he's off! And his wings separate and reveal a really sweet window with a 3D linticular cloud scene.

These toys are fun... if you or your kids liked the movie, these would be sweet souvenirs from the movie. I don't think there's a big line of toys coming out. If, you want a little bit of history, check out this MPb article of the best McDonalds toys ever. Check out the image gallery of all these toys.

All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright Dreamworks Pictures. All photographs are ©2007

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