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Click to see! The Incredibles Premium at McDonald's
by Mr. Stinkhead®

We are all excited for the new Pixar film, The Incredibles, the toys have hit shelves and come November 5th, these Happy Meal toys will hit McDonalds. Eight new toys based on the film each have an action feature. I'll give you the rundown so you can see which ones you want to pick up.

Mr. Incredible
This one is my favorite. I like the aging super-hero look, and by swishing a lever back and forth he trades punches with his left and right. He's a little bit top heavy, but he does stand on his own. The swinging arms could knock out most of your Marvel Legends.

Click to see!Mrs. Incredible
Mr. Incredible's wife is stretchy and bendy. Her stretched out arms can be bent and posed, and her soft midsection [Ed note: Let's stop there...] can be stretched and pulled. I like how the soft rubber tube is hollow so that when you pull on it, it looks more cartoony.

Click to see!Violet
Violet is the shy teenage daughter of the Incredibles. You can turn on her base, lighting up the hollow plastic tube looping above her. Rapidly press the button in and out and it will spin recreating her force field from the movie. She is also removable from her base.

Click to see!Dash
Dash is the 10 year old speed demon. Stick him in his hoop, wide him up, and he'll race across a hard surface. It works kind of like a hamster wheel.

Click to see!Jack-Jack
Jack-Jack is the little baby of the family. He's got an enormous head. If you wind him up and set him down on a hard surface, he'll shake and seizure like a real baby! Well he gets really excited. Every now and then his enormous head made him fall over.

Click to see!Frozone
Frozone has the power to freeze moisture in the air. Pop Frozone on top of his frozen ice ball, and he'll weeble wobble all over the place. The weighted ball usually keeps him upright, but it's fun watching him almost fall over each time.

Click to see!Incredibile
The Incredibile is the Incredible's car. Very Batmobile in appearance, I like the homage. You can pull back on the car and it'll race forward. You can also pop out the rocket engines. I like the nice detail on the little Mr. Incredible behind the wheel, but I'm used to things like rocket engines or hidden armaments popping out by button, or after it speeds around a bit.

Click to see!Syndrome
Syndrome, the evil adversary of the Incredibles, is perched on top of his shaking Omnidroid. I like the legs, and would love to see a Unicron or Matrix Sentinel sized version of the robot from the movie. This is pretty cool. Wind it up and it'll shake in place, and spin Syndrome around a bit.

Click to see!Visit or The Incredibles' official site. The film and toys premiere on November 5th.

All photographs are © 2004

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