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LEGO Sports Premium at McDonald's
by Mr. Stinkhead

Click to see!Not a week had passed since Toy Fair, and this wonderful box of new toys arrives. Inside are the new Happy Meal™ toys from McDonalds. Featuring LEGO sports characters, in larger scale with a play-feature, these belong on your desk because of all the mayhem you can engage in.

gangs all here

Click to see!First off, the figures themselves are larger than regular LEGO people. In fact they're larger than their oft-mistaken dopplegangers, Playmobil. [Ed note: I'm too tired to look up the goofy internet codes for all the umlots and font tricks to spell dopplegangers, or umlots, correctly]. Press down on their head, and the shoulder pads use leverage to fling, kick or slide their ball or puck. The skateboarder and snow boarder have handles so you can operate their tricks like a puppet.

Click to see!So you get the basketball guy, stick him on your desk, and wing the ball at the boss when his back is turned... I also see these being a huge hit in middle school cafeterias across the nation. More popular than, dare I say (Dare! Dare!) the cliff notes to Great Gatsby.

Click to see!I like the expressive faces on each figure. They're unmistakable LEGO. I miss the presence of arms on the figures, but do like how you can interchange the pieces a bit. I also like how the basketball, soccer, and hockey players complement each other. (One is right-handed, the other is left-handed.) You could also put both feet, hockey sticks, or basketball launchers on one figure.

Click to see!Clean and simple, these guys aren't based on any property, but I can see one or two being real fun to have around when you're waiting for your computer to reboot. These will be available at participating McDonalds beginning next week. (March 1st).

Click to see!And don't forget to pick up something for your girlfriend (or mother). LEGO launched the Clickits line of interchangeable accessories a few years ago, and the line of picture frames, lockets, jewelry boxes, and hair thingies is represented here as well. The combination lock actually works, and the pink lunch boxy thing is actually a jewelry box with a mirror inside! [Ed note: Please pardon the feigned enthusiasm, I had to pitch these to the Princess of Power earlier tonight.]

For more information check out I'm lovin' it!

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All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright LEGO Systems. All photographs are copyrighted 2004 by

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