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Finding Nemo Premium at McDonald's
by Mr. Stinkhead®

We received a set of the Nemo toys based on the characters in Pixar's new movie Finding Nemo which opens today. Not only does each one light up or make noise, but they squirt water as well. They are hard plastic (and waterproof because they have batteries), not squishy rubber. Click on the images for larger versions

Click to see!Nemo, the son whom Marlin spends the film trying to find, makes a cute laugh when both of your fingers touch the two nodes on the bottom of the toy. He laughs when you press down his top fin, which also executes his water-spitting feature. Marlin makes a deeper, more fatherly laugh when you press his fin or touch the connectors. Yes, the whole Matrix issue of you being a battery really hits home with these toys. But it's pretty cool they can get wet as well. Dory, Marlin's companion, makes an odd yawning sound.

Click to see!The other fish light up when they squirt or you touch the receptors. Bruce the shark's eyes light up red. The puffer fish and octopus's whole body light up. The angel fish Gill's mouth region glows green. One of Crush the turtle's offspring is featured, and his shell lights up.

Click to see!We're pretty impressed with these guys. Like the Masters of the Universe toys, the sculpt/paint jobs are good, and they have a play feature in addition to looking just like the characters. We haven't seen the movie yet, so we don't have a favorite character yet, well, that's not entirely true, I love when the octopus "inks" when he's frightened in the trailer.

Click to see!Oh dude, this is sweet... check out this cool trick you can do with your friends. You touch one receptor, your friend touches the other one, and then you touch fingers (with your other hand)... the toy lights up. That is kind of cool.

On top of this promotion for cool toys, McDonalds and Disney are running another contest to find Nemo. Check this out from the press release, for a chance to win a trip for four to Disney World.

Click to see!McDonald's Makes A Splash With New Finding Nemo In-Store / Online Adventures.
Nemo is lost again, this time in participating McDonald's restaurants. This colorful star is waiting for guests to discover him on posters or swimming across trays at their participating neighborhood McDonald's restaurants. In exchange for helping to find Nemo, McDonald's crewmembers will reward guests with a colorful Finding Nemo sticker, while supplies last.

Click to see!McDonald's also needs help finding Nemo online, who is waiting to be discovered within a secret Web site. The Web address can be found buried within various McDonald's television commercials beginning May 30, 2003. The first 100 guests who log on and find Nemo will receive a voucher for free movie tickets and McDonald's gift certificates. All online participants will be entered for a chance to win an adventure of their own, an all-expenses-paid trip for four to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright Pixar/Disney. All photographs are copyrighted 2003 by

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