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McDonalds Happy Meal™: Shrek the Third
by Mr. Stinkhead

In the latest Summer of Sequels (wasn't last summer the "Summer of Sequels"? Does that make this the Return of the Summer of Sequels? Or Summer of Sequels II: The New Batch?) young audiences are getting ready for Shrek the Third, the final installment of the series featuring the green ogre and lots of pop culture jokes, from DreamWorks Animation.

Click to see!Each one of these Shrek toys says a line and features a little bit of posability. First off, I'm really impressed by the sculpts. They're pretty nice for Happy Meal™ toys. McDonald's main goal is to produce something that will definately get the kids coming back to collect 'em all. The kids/collectors luck out with this set in that these are great, cheaper alternatives than previous Shrek action figures, either for playing or putting on your desk.

My favorite one is Gingy, the gingerbread man. He says his signature line "Not the gumdrop buttons!" (will he say the same line in Shrek the Third?) He's got a good pose, he stands easily, and his arms move up and down. Press the gumdrop button to hear him say his lines. This is my favorite character from the whole franchise, and this will look nice on my desk. The texture of the gingerbread looks good, and he's very durable.

Click to see!Shrek came out nicely, you can move his arms up and down. He towers over the other characters and has some heft. If you have a little one who throws things, you may want to watch out when he/she gets their hands on this one.

The weakest figure of the bunch was Puss in Boots... he doesn't stand up very well. The pose is nice, but it's top heavy and if you don't get it just right, he'll fall over. I did like the Dronkey, his sculpt looks good and you squeeze his wings to hear his sounds.

Click to see!The Spoilers
Ok, here we go... you can click the thumbnail to see what the big spoiler is... for a kids' movie... and I only think it may be a spoiler because on the "Collect em all" sheet it had question marks instead of these figures. But honestly I think they're in the trailer and you shouldn't be all that surprised.

Something to point out, in this campaign, the Happy Meal™ shown in the ads will feature the white-meat Chicken Nuggets and Apple Dippers, and on the packaging it says "Have you gotten your green today? Try the Apple Dippers." So they're pushing the healthier options, maybe plastering the big green guy on the apple dippers and yogurt, it'll get the easily impressionable kids.

Click to see!Mr. Stinkhead's personal retort:
The following is only the opinion of Mr. Stinkhead and does not reflect the opinions of anyone else. I feel sorry for McDonalds. They are consistantly blamed for being responsible for the obesity epidemic in America, but I think it's unfairly placed. Go on to YouTube and look up any number of vintage McDonalds ads from the 70s or 80s. They present eating at McDonalds as a special treat. At one point, their tagline was You deserve a break today. I am a bit more of a critical viewer, however I never saw any subversive manuevers to trick people into eating McDonalds all the time or living an unhealthy lifestyle. McDonalds never proclaimed that their food was meant to replace a healthy diet. I agree that the cigarette companies used clever, and unethical, tricks to get kids hooked on a highly addictive chemical, and thus, Big Tobacco deserves to be made to be the bad guy. But I feel the obesity problem is due to people not exercising personal control. Or just not exercising. Whatever. I'm not a small guy, but I'm working on it. The best thing to do is to recognize what you can change, and then change it. Suing McDonalds because you're fat is not the way to go. Hang in there McDonalds, keep providing healthy choices, and promoting exercise, and give me a break every now and then.

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All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright their respective owners. All photographs are ©2007

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