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Spy Kids 3-D Premium at McDonald's
by Mr. Stinkhead®

After covering the International Spy Museum in DC last week, I was excited to review the new McDonald's Happy Meal toy based on the new film Spy Kids 3-D. Ok, I know that the successful Spy Kids franchise has nothing to do with internation espionage, but I wanted to plug that article one last time.

I personally have not seen Spy Kids 3-D, but I do know its about video games, and the film itself is presented in 3-D with 3-D glasses. So let's look at the toys.

With each Happy Meal you buy, you get a toy, a 3-D comic and a unique pair of 3-D glasses. The toys have a unique construction about them. Sandwiched between a hard clear plastic shell is a colorful piece of paper with a 3-D design on it. The design distorted through the sculpted hard plastic gives each toy a cool computer-game-and-or-3-D appearance. Here's my official thought on the whole thing. This is a cool, novel approach to an action figure. Very impressive for a free Happy Meal toy. If Mattel or Hasbro pulled this move on a figure I paid $7 for, I'd be ticked. But, this is a free Happy Meal Toy, so I'm back to impressed. Oooh! You know what's cool? Each one of the hard plastic shells also has an area that's actually a magnifying glass. Each figure has a code printed in it that apparently unlocks games and game codes on the McDonalds and Spy Kids' websites.

Click to see!Before I get any further, I wanted to discuss the comic book. Like I said earlier, I haven't seen the Spy Kids movie, but I did read all six issues of the full-color 3-D comic book series. I don't know if the comic is based on the direct plot or not, but here's what happens in the comic. Evil Doctor Kent has a chip that silences all the children of Earth. SWEET. Assisted by a legion of robots and a mime, he attempts to abduct the Spy Kids and prepare the earth for alien domination. I think I may have revealed that in the exact reverse order and spoiled the whole thing for you guys. Sorry. Anyway, Carmen and Juni keep entering a video game reality, much like a Matrix-Holodeck where they can manipulate the space and create whatever they need. Cool flying motorcycles and bionic suits ensue. But what is this? Comic #2 boasts an ending that rocks! Click on this image to see the last page of this comic and see the rocking ending. Anyway, the comics are a great read, and the 3-D illusion is pretty cool and well utilized throughout. It's entertaining.

Click to see!Back to the toys. So hands down my favorite figure of the bunch is Juni in his robot suit. The figure itself has a great dynamic pose, it's steady, it's cool looking, and the head is a magnifier so you can look in at the doomed-to-look-like-Carrot-Top kid's face driving the thing. (Actually its a comic book illustration of the poor boy.) An interesting point here, the hard body shell is one type of plastic, the arms are a bit softer rubber-plastic-hybrid material.

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Click to see!Next we have Carmen in her robot suit. Still cool looking, but a bit more static in its pose. I like how both of these figures are classic looking, Iron Giant type industrial age robots. The little picture of them behind the wheel is cute too.

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Click to see!Not only are Carmen and Juni outfitted with robots, they get cool motorcycle things in the video game world. Both have the secret code in the "hub cap" of the bike. The bikes both look real cool, but you don't have to worry about them zooming off of your desk. This took about twenty minutes of field testing to declare. And any amount of motorcycle noises doesn't help at all.

Click to see!Now we have Carmen and Juni's regular figures. They don't stand as easily as the others, and they have one point of articulation. The head. They look just like the actors (I believe) and round off the set nicely. I like their dynamic poses and the effect of the printed insert really pays off in these figures. I'll take this opportunity to start an idle rumor, the actress is less than thrilled her action figure's chest requires a magnifying glass. Fa fa fa.

Click to see!These 6 figures and comics are hitting McDonalds now, and the movie opens in theatres today. If you liked the movies and want something cool for your desk, these will do it for little cost.

If you do know of an action figure line from the days of ole that may have used this construction method (clear body, printed insert), let us know.

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All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright Dimension Films. All photographs are copyrighted 2003 by

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