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Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam
by Mr. Stinkhead

Crap I'm getting old... I don't know what a "boom-boom" or a "huck jam" is but it involves a lot of skating and tricked out moves. Actually Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam is a touring arena event. Check out their site for more exact info of when its coming to a town near you.

Click to see!Anyway, currently at McDonalds' are the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam action toys in each kids' Happy Meal™ (and My Scene Barbie dolls for the ladies, and pedometers for those of you watching your weight). These figures represent Tony Hawk or one of his posse (can I still use that word?) doing a trick on a BMX bike or skate board.

Click to see!I'm massively impressed with the action and tricks these little toys can do. When I was younger, I was fascinated with my Grandfather's antique banks that would wind up and shoot and the coin into the slot. Using magnets and pinball style physics, each of the toys do something different to recreate a trick from the show. Not only does each toy do something cool, it's all original. They didn't recycle gags from one toy to the next. [Ed note: something to look into, this is the last Blue Crush joke you're doing.]

Click to see!Overall, I'm digging the action features, and the sculpt on these little puppies, all surfaces are attended too, and they look like wood, steel or concrete. The little figures aren't very articulated, however they are making some great faces. I know, I know, they're in the zone.

Ok, enough of me talking like I'm 15 years younger and know what the hell I'm saying. I miss Bill & Ted.

Click to see!This first figure perches at the top of a 7.5" high slope. Simply depress the button at the top, and he'll go flying down. His wheels really roll, and it's a simple enough mechanism to set up. I see a lot of kids on hands and knees trying retreive this guy from under your table. Ofcourse you could save them trouble and gently kick the toy in their direction, or in the direction of someone else all together. It's like a slightly more sophisticated keep-away.

Click to see!This guy, let's call him Skidz McGee fits onto a peg on the right side of the quarter pipe. Press the button and he'll spin around as he travels across the top to the left side of the pipe. One he gets there, he'll disengage and roll down, dizzy as all hell. I don't think they need helmets as much as hangover medicine. They also have an outline on each base so you know the orientation of how to attach each figure. I know some people in this world that could use a diagram showing their orientation.

Click to see!This figure, let's call him Sherman, sits patiently at the bottom of a small gutter. Press the button and he's launched up the ramp, makes a small jump, and magnetically catches a runner attached to the railing on the other side, which he will then ever-so-gracefully grind. In fact I haven't seen grinding this cool since the snow-wedgie incident of 92.

Click to see!This guy, let's call him...Flipz (Yes, it's obvious, but it's hard core because I used a z so step off). Launch him from one end and he'll curly-cue through the tube. The inertia will prevent him from shooting out of arms' reach, off the table, and under your feet. At first I was skeptical that he'd make the loop each and every time, but he only missed once, and that's because I was playing on the carpet.

Click to see!This biker guy, uh, Franklin, utilizes magnets and two parallel metal bars, like those Space Yo-Yos that were popular years ago... you know that spinning wheel has an axel that magnetically attaches to this weird bent coat-hanger thing, and it flips over a lot looking like it's going to fall out, but no! It catches on to the other side and keeps going! This is kind of like that.

Click to see!This one, hmmm, Crush [Ed note:...quit it!] Ok fine... Blue, rides up the ramp, catches an interal magnet, grinds along the top and then slides down off the ramp on the other side. This one didn't catch the first few times, but it's a simple enough mechanism it works most times.

Click to see!This one, Frog launches up at the press of a button, and catches a spring loaded magnetic paddle that carries him across to the other ramp, and then lets him go running down. Springs and a magnet?? They're getting crafty. This one was a little sensitive. The paddle would pop up at the slightest touch, but it did do a good job of picking up the guy, carrying him over, and then letting him go. So unlike my mother when she drops me off at work.

Click to see!Simple yet effective. This BMX biker will launch up his ramp into the great unknown. The cool thing is you can adjust the slope of the ramp by moving the support to one of the three grooves. Air or distance? Rise over run? [Ed note: we draw the line at math jokes] I forsee intricate structures made of french fries being built for this guy to launch over.

Overall, I'm really happy with these guys. I'm not at all a Tony Hawk dude, and thought these were pretty fun. I like how they all do something, and are not simply second-notion action features on PVC style figures. The sculpt and detail included is also very impressive. You need a fun distraction on your desk at work, I recommend picking one of these up during your lunch break, and then setting it up when you get back. People will come by and play with it. If that's a bad thing, well I'm sorry.

For more information check out I'm lovin' it! or I'm boom-boom-huckin' it!

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