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Mega Bloks Warriors Future Force™
by Guyver

click meSome of you may be asking, "Mega Bloks? Aren't they just LEGO knock-offs?" I thought the same thing when I first saw them but I have to say that my opinion of them has changed in the last four hours.

It all started one day when I was walking around the toy department at good old Wal-Mart. I had to check out the LEGOs to see if they had any new Bionicle stuff in. No luck with that, but I saw something that I have always known was collecting dust on the shelf. A line of Mecha by "Mega Bloks" called Warriors. Future Force™'. I decided that I would take pity on this misfit toy and brought him home.

The one I bought is called J-227 Quadwalker™ and looks like a big green and black bug. The age restriction is for 7 and up and has a total of 375 parts. Once I got him home I decided to see what was up with the Cammo sticks. They are basically paint markers that you can use to add a funky neon cammo look to your mech. Neon cammo? Come on guys, this went out with G.I. Joke in the early 90's. The markers found a new home. The bottom of my trash can.

click meAfter removing all the parts from the little plastic bags they were trapped in, I soon found that I was in way over my head. The parts were just like LEGOs, but there were so many of them and none of the bags had any order to what was in them. It was like they just filled each bag with parts, and once filled to capacity, they sealed them up. So I set out to separate all of the parts into sizes, colors and shapes. An hour later I had 20 little piles of bloks and a book that had pics of how I was to put all the parts together. Now the book was good on a visual level but had no text what so ever to work with. This lead to me having to stop building three times and go back to fix little errors here and there. The first big error I made I didn't find till I was ready to put the legs on.

click meThe instructions aren't very clear on what part of the kit you are building. At the start of the instructions, it shows you the step for building all four legs but you have no way of knowing you're building the legs, or how many of the parts that you're making you will need. The body of the Mech was pretty easy. That is until you get to the joints for the cannons. They all come in parts that are attached to what looks like the trees from a model kit (or Stikfas) and not what you would expect to find in a building block kit.

The final stage could not have come any sooner in my book. Finally I was able to add the stickers, attach the legs to the body (after building the last three) and put the front cannon in place.

The J-227 looked awesome once it was done but there were way too many parts left in the box. I started to freak out and have flash backs to when I was eight and built a '57 Chevy kit. I messed it up so bad I had a full box of parts left over, Just like now.

click meI flipped through the book, frantically trying to see what I had missed. Nothing. Not the legs, not the body, not the cannons. What did I forget?

I forgot the Drones! yes thats right, drones. The J-227 kit comes with three little scout drones so you can feel like a moron when you are done with the main mech and are freaking about extra parts. I guess I would have known about the drones had I read the box a little closer.

click meWhen all said and done, it came out way better and bigger than I expected. Standing on all four legs it is nearly 10" tall and 8" long. The shoulder cannons move in multiple targeting positions. The cockpit opens and closes in a smooth arch. The main rocket launcher fires one rocket at a time or all three at once. And it launches far. I measured three different launches, with an average range of 4 feet. The legs can be posed in a ton of positions and if thats not cool enough, the legs on the drones can be posed as well. The pilot is a mean little bugger with ball jointed arms who looks like he has been having a bad year.

click meTo sum up:

  • The instructions were sub standard.
  • The parts are packaged strangely.
  • The cammo sticks are unnecessary.
  • The finished mech is HUGE!
  • The play factor is awesome and the extras are cool.

My opinion of Mega Bloks as a LEGO knock-off has gotten destroyed. As much as I like my LEGOs, Mega Bloks will now have a place in my toy room as well. You might also check out a few other Mega bloks lines that I think look killer. Alien Agency™ (review)
Transforming Blok Bots™

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MegaBloks are copyright their respective owners. Article and photographs copyrighted 2004 by Millionaire

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