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spacerMegaMan and MegaManX
by Jazwares Inc
Part 1
with Naked Mirths sent along some of their new 6" MegaMan and MegaManX figures to check out. We're looking at Axl, Nightshade and Quickman today. Come back soon for MegaMan and Remote Mine Bass. Because I waste all of my time playing video games, the MPb crew wanted me to do this review. I was too embarassed to tell them I knew nothing of MegaMan. So bare with me. Nobody's perfect dammit. Like you never disappointed your mother before.

Click hereAxl
Axl comes with twin pistols and a wild tuft of hair. His hands have small slots that fit the guns perfectly. His, as with the others', articulation is surprising. Multiple joints on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists allow for some great poses. He also has leg ball joints, knees, ankles, and the legs rotate above the shin allowing for some more mobility. I could fit the fins on his back, and his wild tuft of hair either pointing up or down. But I had no idea which way they should go. These things should come with some little directions. (The packaging image shows both pointed down, the mini-poster included shows em up and flaring!) However I could not rotate the head much with it pointed down. They fit snugly into place either way.

Axl is available from

Click here Click here

Click here Click here Click here

Click hereNightshade Zero
I believe Nightshade Zero is a girl. It's hard to tell the way these things are designed. Japanese cartoon characters have androgenous hair. The dudes have long hair, the girls have short bobbed hair... and they don't stick to the universally recognized orange=dude and purple=chick hair color scheme. Nightshade's long flowing ponytail, mammarian-robot nubbies and white granny panties lead me to believe this one is a girl. She comes with a great flaming blue sword and a little spider. She also has the established articulation, and with a little work, some good balance. You can also pop off her right hand and replace it with a cannon that shoots a spring-loaded blue fire ball. Usually a girl's right hand pops off my spring-loaded— [Ed note: We're not finishing that joke].

Nightshade Zero is available from

Click here Click here Click here

Click here Click here

Click hereQuickman
Quickman comes with a little spikey pet thing, and a spring loaded firing boomerrang thing. His big eyebrow thing is soft rubber [Ed note: did you do any research on this article? Or spend all your time in Photoshop?]. I have no idea what his spikey pet thing does or is called, but it's solid PVC. His spring-loaded boomerrang thing is actually mounted on his wrist. I like that you don't have to switch out a major limb for the functionality here. But I also appreciate Jazwares attention to detail to the game.

Quickman is available from

Click here Click here Click here

Click here

Overall I'm impressed with the cool, clean design and the amount of added articulation. I do wish you could get a bit more mobility out of the head. A variety of materials were used... from standard plastic, to soft rubber, to hard PVC to complete each figure. Each set also comes with a little poster you can hang up. Stay tuned for our review of MegaMan and Remote Mine Bass who comes with a little helicopter thing and another shooty thing.

All images and article © 2004

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