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Click meMega Bloks Pro Builder Series
Steam Engine and Star Trek Enterprise
By Lando Da Pimp

Anybody who has been reading by now realizes that I love building block sets, specifically LEGO. I have checked out the C3 sets, but I don't like them as much as Mr. Stinkhead does. I have never built anything from Mega Bloks, but I was anxious to try.

A few weeks before Christmas I was looking around Toys R' Us and came across the Pro Builder sets by Mega Bloks. I had to build these sets after seeing them. Let's check them out:

Click meSteam Engine
I love trains. I think they are fascinating machines, specifically the old steam locomotives. Mega Bloks has released the most authentic looking Steam Engine building set I've ever seen. The look of the engine is not based on a specific engine but a collection of different steam locomotive designs. The build size of the engine is a whopping 23 inches long, 7.5 inches high, and 5 inches wide. It's huge (1300 pieces) and that is what makes it an amazing set.

Click me The engine also has great details to help its authenticity. The engine has a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement that really works. The canopy of the engine room is removable and also has working canopy openings. Inside the engine room is a great amount of knobs, switches, hoses, and a working boiler door.

This set uses a lot of custom pieces that give a more realistic feel. The engine's boiler is made up of 8 large pieces that are custom made just for this set. Special gold pieces are also used for the bell, knobs, and boiler door. This is great for the Pro sets, however I find it more fun when sets don't use any custom pieces and use the basic blocks to construct the set.

The build time on this set was about five hours. A majority of the time is spent building the frame of the engine. It's a lot of fun to build and I can't believe the size and how solid this set is. I would love to see additional train pro builder sets including a coal tender to go along with the locomotive.

Star Trek Enterprise
I may be wrong but I believe this is the first Star Trek building block set. Based on the Enterprise D from Star Trek TNG this set is not as realistic looking as the Steam Engine set, but it uses very few custom blocks, which is good. The Enterprise is not as big as the Steam Engine set. The ship is 12 inches long, 7 inches high, and 11 inches at its widest point on the saucer.

There are no moving pieces on this set as it is more something to look at than play with on its stand. It is a good representation of the Enterprise with a custom piece for the bridge. The set also includes an oddly shaped mini-figure of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

A majority of the 945 pieces are made up of flat thin blocks that slowly make up the ship. The build time on this was about 3 hours. The saucer, ship body, and warp nacels are all constructed separate then put together in the last few steps.

I enjoyed building the Enterprise, but not nearly as much as I did the Steam Engine. I want to see the Enterprise bigger. After building the Engine, the Enterprise seems tiny and not as grand as the other Pro Builder sets. A suggestion for a great Pro Builder Star Trek set would be a Borg Cube.

We don't typically cover MegaBloks at Toy Fair, but this year we're anxious to check out their showroom and bring you news and pictures from the event. Bookmark our Toy Fair 2005 page, and come back on February 20th to see coverage straight from the show.

The Enterprise set is available from More information about the MegaBloks ProBuilder series is available from

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