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Mickey Mouse & Oswald and Snoopy & Woodstock Kubricks by Medicom Toys
with Jager

Click hereIt's the battle of the cartoon Kubricks! Medicom has just released two cartoon based Kubrick sets from two very popular series. Thanks to, we're lucky enough to have these two sets face off in a Kubrick battle royal. In this corner is the Mickey Mouse and Oswald the lucky rabbit two pack. These two have a distinct style since they're made to look like their black and white cartoons from the '20s. And in the other corner we have the Snoopy set complete with typewriter and Woodstock mini. Is there room on your self for both sets? Who will come out the winner of this battle to the death?! Okay, we're not really going to break any toysÖ I was just trying to add to the excitement.

Round One: Design
First up: Disney! Both Mickey and Oswald look very much like their cartoon counterparts. Both have sculpted heads, hands, and foot caps. The bold black and white color-use makes these stand out. I wish they would have used more gray (it's only present in their mouths) for a smoother transition between the two colors. Also, Mickey's hands really look like blown up latex gloves about to burst. Oswald is a great toy though and I'm really drawn to him. It could be because he's fresher in my minds since I've seen him so much less than Mickey. Now let's take a look at Snoopy and his pal Woodstock. These two toys look even more like their comic strip/TV special basis. And in fact, the form has been changed so much, I don't know if they should even be called Kubricks. The toys are great; don't get me wrong, but Kubricks? I dunno. Maybe I'm holding on to the original Kubrick form too much. Nonetheless, these are about the best Peanuts toys I've seen. Snoopy sports 8 points of articulation at the ears, head, arms, legs, and tail! It looks almost exactly like Snoopy with only the square Kubrick legs taking away from that. Woodstock is also sweet. He's made to scale with Snoopy and has 4 points of articulation (head, arms, and tail). There's just something about this little guy that really draws me to him. I want to stick him on my dashboard. And so, the winner of Round One with near perfect sculpts and the addition of an acessory with Snoopy's typewriter is the Snoopy Showcase!

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Round Two: Quality Control and Paint Application
There's no argument that Medicom always has some of the best quality control on their toys in the business. These toys are no exception to that. First up this round: Snoopy Showcase! The details on this set are pretty simple, but true to the design. The paint on the eyes of both toys is very clean with no smudges or light spots. I'm really impressed by the eyes on both Snoopy and Woodstock. They aren't just painted on; they're molded onto the form and raised. It's not much, I know, but it still adds to the dimension of the toy. Also, it's worth mentioning that the joints are pretty tight. You can pose these guys (including Snoopy's ears) without them coming out of the pose. The Disney pack's quality control is also really tight. The paint applications are clean and the sculpts are pretty clean too. There is one thing that really bothers me though. Mickey's shoes are add on caps like all the toys in this "contest", but his are only 3 sided. I assume the descision was made so his feet will be closer together when he's standing, but they fall off very easily.

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So the winner of Round Two with solid construction and extra articulation is the Snoopy Showcase!

Round Three: Nostalgia
Snoopy Showcase has been just barely edging out the competition so far, and when toys are this close in quality and construction then it all really boils down to what set takes you back to the good ol' days. Which set needs to be on your desk reminding you that your soul was once owned by sugary cereal and Saturday morning cartoons, not crushed under your supervisor's thumb?  For me, again the competition is won by Snoopy and Woodstock. I like Mickey, but my Mickey is color and wears more clothes. I totally remember watching the Peanuts gang at Christmas time and reading their adventures in the comics.

Click here So the winner of the Nostalgia round is Snoopy's Showcase!!

The overall winner of the contest is Snoopy Showcase with an amazing 3-0 victory.  Now, that's not to say that the Disney set isn't a good toy set.  Both of these sets are great, but in my eyes Medicom spent a little more time designing the Snoopy Showcase.  Both stand up to posing and play and both sets are well made.  You need to follow your heart and buy the set that means the most to you.  If you love Disney I promise you won't be disappointed with their offering.

Both of these sets are available at Also, be sure to swing by their sale section for some great deals on some great toys, like Uglydolls!!

If you like Kubricks you must like Deisigner Toys, right?  You should check out our handy page where we’ve compiled all our articles on the subject!


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