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Click here mimoco's Star Wars mimobot Series 2 Boba Fett
by Jager

The second series of mimoco's Star Wars mimobots dive a little deeper into the galaxy far, far away with four new characters. The basic mimobot philosophy still holds true though: functioning flash drives cased in cool, artistic bodies. It's such an amazing concept. Take something that everyone needs, make it more personal, and repeat. Often the designs are more fine art in realization, but with the Star Wars line the geek in us all is treated to a flash drive just for us.

Not only is the line bulked up to include Han, Leia, Luke, and Boba Fett; there is a new design element at play. There are new caps on these 'bots and each is suited for the character. We first saw these caps in the core series 2 line, and they are put to good use here. Whether Leia's cap has her trademark "cinnamon buns" or Han's bushy hair comes down in his eyes, the mimobot form is pushed to new heights. Seen here is Boba Fett. Boba's helmet is completely removable to show his face below. It's so much sweeter than if the top of the helmet came off above his visor, which is what would happen if the original cap was used. The paint applications on him are tight and very accurate. The dents in the helmet are present, as are the wookie scalps, and the Mandalorian crest on his left arm. There are absolutely no bleeds or smudges on the mimobot which is amazing with such small detail. And rest easy, bantha herders, like you I was worried the cap wouldn't be as tight as the original, but I dare say it's even tighter.

Click hereBut let's not forget the mimobots' first function: Storage! Each of the Star Wars 'bots are available in 1gb, 2gb, and a whopping 4gb of space. More than enough room to transport the plans of the Death Star to the Rebels. And each comes with a zip file full of Star Wars goodies. The first series was great, but mimoco really stepped up their game with the second series of Star Wars mimobots with the addition of the new caps, and the quality is through the roof. The first series is totally sold out except for a few Chewbacca 'bots so don't hesitate to blast over to and pick up your favorite bounty hunter.

Click here mimoco's web site is full of information on all their mimobots. Check out what's coming, what's available, and what you missed. You should definitely check out the Friends with You line!!

Not only do we have a Designer Toy page full of great reading material for your coffee break, we also have a Star Wars page that you should scope out as well.

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