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Click here mimoco's Star Wars mimobot Series 1
by Jager

In celebration of Star Wars' 30th anniversary, mimoco has joined forces with the mega-franchise to release character driven mimobots. Now you can let your inner geek shine around the office or at school! Show everyone you truly are the Dark Lord of the Boardroom when you plug your Darth Vader mimobot into the company computer.

Series 1 has 4 characters from which to choose: Chewbacca (edition of 2,500), Stormtrooper (edition of 2,500), Darth Vader (edition of 3,500), and R2-D2 (edition of 3,500). Each is available with 1, 2, and 4 GB of memory for storing your power points, pictures, MP3's, or anything else you'd like to transfer from one computer to another. The hardware is top notch with the 'bot being automatically recognized when plugged into a USB port and work just as well with a PC or Mac. Also, each mimobot comes with exclusive Star Wars content to be downloaded onto your computer. A few examples are desktops, Star Wars themed desktop icons, and sound clips form the original trilogy. I was able to take a close look at R2-D2 and aesthetically it is really nice. It looks very much like the lovable droid with every detail present. The paint applications are very clean with crisp, straight lines and edges. It's cool how each of the four characters looks equally well on the mimobot form. This shows that the sculpt is interesting, but at the same time lends itself well to many designs.

Click hereSpeaking of which, mimoco recently released vimobots. These are 4 inch vinyl toys in the same shape as the mimobots. The original series of mimobots are first up for the vinyl treatment, but what's even more exciting is the blank version. This is a great platform for customizing and it'll be great to carry one around a convention (like the upcoming SDCC) to get some Sharpie love from attendees.

This is a great showing from mimoco and with the already released Artist Series '07 featuring Mori Chak, Hanazuki, and Sket One, the company really has some great things cooking!

Click hereIt could be your lucky day! You can win your very own 1GB R2-D2 mimobot! Will you use it for storing Death Star plans or messages from captive princeses? All you have to do is write a caption for the following picture and send it to entry AT millionaireplayboy DOT com. Winner will be announced June 16th.

mimoco's site has a lot of great news on upcoming projects and info on past 'bots; not to mention a chance to buy mimobots straight from the source. Also, if you are going to Star Wars Celebration IV, be sure to find the mimoco crew! Tell 'em we sent ya.

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