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Click herespacerToy Biz's Colossus and Wolverine
Marvel Legends Line
with Jager

These aren't the newest figures from the line, but Toy Biz was generous enough to send these along, and they definitely deserve a look. Maybe two looks. It's no secret that Toy Biz packs a lot of punch into their figures based on Marvel's biggest characters. Detail, massive articulation, and accurate depictions make Toy Biz's Marvel Legends line the hardest hitting figures to hang on the pegs in years. And these depictions of my two favorite mutants (rest in peace Piotr) are no exception.

Click hereColossus
This Russian born artist had the mutant ability to turn his body into solid steel giving him near invulnerability and super strength. Both the metal and strength are depicted solidly in this figure. The paint apps are clean and the metallic sheen of his body is a nice touch. He's not just gray; he has a bit of a shine. The points on his shoulders are made of soft rubber that continues down his chest and back. This gives a nice compliment to his hard body. [Ed note:—I...uh...nevermined] Now, I realize that his back and chest wouldn't be soft at all since he's steel, but still it seems right. The same soft rubber is on his boot flairs as well. This figure is based on his classic outfit found in Giant Size X-Men #1, and in doing so he has a clean red and yellow color scheme. The sculpt starts with lines showing his layers of steel and ends with 34 points of articulation. Somewhere in the middle are his perfectly cut muscles. The articulation is the Biz's trademark, and the fact that a hero that isn't exactly known for being limber has such a number joints proves this. But still even with all these points, I have a hard time not posing him in the basic "beach stud bicep curl". Also, he is extremely top heavy and has a hard time standing unless he is on his base. This depicts a demolished Sentinel and is a nice touch. It has pegs for his feet which is key in getting him to stand any way other than "at attention." This figure is by far the best Colossus figure to ever come along, so if you're a fan of this selfless mutant seek this one out.

Click hereWolverine
This Canuck is the best there is at what he does, and what he's been doing lately is intimidating my Muppet figures! He does this with an excellent sculpt about his face. I was particularly impressed with this. His mask doesn't entirely cover his eyes. In fact, there's even a bit of flesh shown around his blue eyes. He has the perfect all around expression to him. Not too soft, but not berserker rage either. He seems to be growling. This version's outfit is the classic blue and yellow that is found in Giant Sized X-Men #1 (just like Colossus). The paint apps are clean all around. No smears to be found. It would be remise if I didn't mention the arm hair. Everyone knows Logan is covered in body hair. (Don't believe me? Just check Jean Grey's blog!) Adding the hair on his arms is a nice touch. The sculpt on this scrapper is equally as impressive. He sports 31 points of articulation. Not as many as some Legends, but the lack of those four to six points makes this figure solid and able stand easily in some dramatic positions. All in all, he has joints where he needs them, while the "bonus joints" mean he can make a fist, swivel/tilt his head, and bend his toes. The little details like the stitching on his shirt really make this a figure for the collector. His trademark claws are made of a softer rubber so as not to poke any eyes out (except yours, Sabretooth). At first they were all bendy but with some work and time out of the package they've straightened right out. He comes with a stand that's based on the brawl seen in the Hellfire club's basement from the pages of the Dark Phoenix saga. There are busted crates, claw marks, and some knocked out goons for good measure. This by far is one of my all time favorite figures. Being a Wolverine fan doesn't hurt, but there's something almost perfect in his simplicity. He is a solid, well crafted figure.

These figures are a little hard to find now, but you can pick up Colossus and the brown and yellow costumed Wolverine at Practically the same sculpt! Also, eBay is aways open.

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