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We were mighty impressed with The Guyver's MOTU customs before, but now that we're all chomping at the bit waiting for the exclusive mail-away MossMan from Mattel, we asked Guyver to show us how he made his own version of the lawnmower fodder himself. At the end, check out his other kick-ass MOTU customs.

Here are the steps for MossMan:

MOSSManStuff you will need:

  • 1 MOTU 2002 Beast Man (if you have one, you will have to snag the club from the 2002 MOTU Mekaneck) Club optional.
  • 2 bags of foam flocking light green fine
  • 1 X-acto knife (with blade)
  • 1 roll masking tape
  • 1 can of Elmer's "Craft Bond" spray adhesive
  • 1 gallon Ziplock bag
  • Many types of paint brushes
  • 1 makeup brush
  • Paints: Mostly colors of your choice but you MUST use these basics: Apple Barrel Colors
    • Vineyard Green
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Yellow

Now to start
First remove your Beast Man from his package, as cute as a moss coverd box may look on the Martha Stewart show it makes a bad custom. Once he has been set free from the plastic prison you must take away all his toys. No whip, no shoulder fur.

Click for largerStart masking off all the parts of his body and armor that you do not want flocking on.

  • Face
  • Belt
  • Loin Cloth
  • Arm Bands
  • Shin Guards
  • Tips of fingers and toes optional

After you have all the areas coverd use the X-acto knife to trim away all excess tape to get good edging once you start the flocking.

Click meWhen all extra tape is gone, mix a small amount of the Apple Barrel Yellow with the Vineyard Green until you have a color that matches the light green flocking. Now paint all exposed areas of the body. Let dry.

Once the first layer of paint is dry apply the 2nd coat of the same color. Let dry.

Now that the paint is dry, open both bags of flocking and mix them in the Ziplock bag.

Click meTake the project outside at this point. (keep the bag with the flocking handy) The spray adhesive is now in play. You will now spray every area of the figure with the adhesive until it drips off. This is why we went outside. Before the glue can dry drop your now green Beast Man into the bag, close and shake.

Keep shaking till all areas of the toy are covered, or you have hippies from three blocks away stumbling onto your lawn.

Click meLeave him in the bag overnight. This is the hardest part of the deal, having to wait till morning.

Next day
Remove your now moss coverd toy from the bag. Dust off all extra moss with the makeup brush. Check and test the moss to see if it is covering the full body. Slowly peal off all tape.

You will have some of the moss come off at this time. This can be fixed by spraying a little more adhesive on the bald spots and sprinkling the extra flocking over those spots. Let dry.

Now, look for any areas that you taped off that are still showing orange or any skin areas (face). You should paint the same green yellow mix as before. Let dry.

Click meThe eyes and teeth will be painted with the white Apple Barrel paint. Use the black for the pupils.

For all other areas of the toy that are not mossed over, thats up to you. use your imagination as to what you think a MossMan would choose for style. Let dry.

Now you have it. your very own Flocked MossMan!

Almost forgot...
If you want him to have that "pine" smell that the original had, spray him over with Pine Lysol spray.


Customs sponsored by It-figures zShop

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Article © 2003 All Images © 2003 The Guyver unless otherwise noted.

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