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Click herespacer Star Wars ROTS Midnight Madness Wrap Up
with Lando da Pimp

I love Midnight Madness because its so much fun. Friday night I went to Wal-Mart at 11:00. When I got there I found that my Wal-Mart was placing the figures in a really small area. That was a big mistake. With so many people trying to grab Episode III goodness, I was afraid that there would be a lot of pushing and shoving. I brought Mrs. Da Pimp along to help grab stuff.

Click hereAs I waited a Wal-Mart worker told me that there was carts of figures a few isles down and to help myself. So Mrs. Da Pimp and I started grabbing only to be yelled at by another Wal-Mart worker. As usual nobody who works at these stores really knows what is going on.

I live about half hour outside of Pittsburgh in a small area. This is a good thing since I knew that the crowd would be light. I was right in that only about 20 people showed. I got to meet some fans in the area and also see the usual collectors that have been at previous Midnight Madness'.

Click hereAt midnight we got the all clear and I saw a display down a few isles. I started there but then noticed a worker with a cart of figures in the middle of the store with nobody around. Myself and Mrs. Da Pimp went over and started to fill the cart. I am glad I did because I managed to find some of the hard to find figures such as Vader's Medical Droid, Mas Amedda, and the AT-TE Tank Gunner. I held back on buying everything figuring that the next day I would be at Target and Toys R' Us.

Click hereThis Midnight Madness was very similar to Episode II's. Most people make sure that everybody gets what they want and helps each other out. The exception was the young teenagers who liked to push their way through and attempt to grab from people's carts. One little shit tried to grab my Medical Droid only to have Mrs. Da Pimp grab his hand and put the smack down on him. Don't these kids have a bedtime?

I went to bed about 1:30 and woke up at 5:30 and headed over to Target. Surprisingly I wasn't the only person there. Some people didn't even go to bed. I hung out and talked with the crowd about Friday night finding most people looking for the Darth Vader Medical Droid. At 7:30 the Target manager came out and handed out the tickets for the Lava Vader exclusive. At 8:00am the doors opened to let us in, including some little old lady who was just there to shop. I picked up the remaining figures that I didn't buy the previous night and got my Lava Vader. Most of the people there bought nothing since Target didn't have any of the hard to find figures.

Click hereAfter Target I got breakfast and headed to Toys R' Us only to discover that they had 10 holographic Yoda's. I was too late to get a ticket but I needed coffee! I will get it next week. Toys R' Us' selection of figures was even weaker than Target's, only having a small collection. I picked up nothing here.

Over all it was great Midnight Madness. I didn't pick up all the figures yet. I still have to get a battle droid and the super battle droid along with the second Yoda and OB1. These will be around for a while, so no worries. A few people sent along their experiences:

New! Check out Matt from's Midnight Madness experience with loads of pics!

New York
Hello, Mr. Da Pimp: My name is Andrew Devitt, an English teacher/toy enthusiast in central New York state. I am sending in my report of what I call the Wal-Mart Debacle, or, How I Got screwed over by the corporate Sith.

My adventure began at the Herkimer NY Wal-Mart at midnight. They had previously been listed as participating in 48 hours of the force, and I had even called the store ahead of time and been told as much. When I got there at the stroke of twelve, I discovered that they had no Early Bird Certificates (only the Auburn NY store got these, and apparently they didn't know/didn't care until that precise moment...and only after finding someone who knew what I was talking about). Then...crem de la of their marvelous employees put over $700 worth of cherry picked merchandise on LAYAWAY. Before the midnight sale date. Meaning, said evil toy pirate is ebaying away as we speak, and will only...ahem...purchase those figures which sold at scalped prices.

Wal-mart needs to have a policy in place to prevent such rape. This is why I prefer Target...

Our Target only received 36 lava Vader figs, and I happily got mine when I was admitted to the store at 8 am this morning. They handed out the tickets for the figs at the door, and the figs themselves were nicely waiting on a table beside the rest of the new merch. A pleasant toy buying experience. I got the figures I wanted and saved a buck on each one, thanks to the coupon I was mailed previously.

Our TRU only received 12 holographic yodas, so they told me, and I was sold one for $9.99. Apparently I have to wait until April 10th to get it free, which I did not realize until I was in the checkout line. Odd.

So there you have the report from Herkimer/Utica NY. Wal-Mart needs to police its employees a bit better. I am extremely annoyed with them and think I will continue to shop at Target exclusively.

That sucks dude. I had to clean up your letter a bit but I feel your pain. I don't like Wal-Mart at all and I usually try to stick with Target. I am not surprised though that this happened to you. The only real negative I had was dealing with the people who you knew were selling the stuff on E-Bay. Hell, some of them even admitted it. If you are going to do that then at least don't tell us.

Yo Lando,
First off, love the site. I went to Midnight Madness last night and was lucky enough to have it at Toys R Us. There was a huge crowd waiting at 10:00, two hours before they opened. I managed to get a Holographic Yoda but didn't get very many figures because of the crowd. I went to Target the next day but didn't get a Lava Vader. I managed to get the figures I wanted.

Hey Lando
I went to the Monroeville Toys R Us for Midnight Madness. It was great. I didn't get a Holo-Yoda, but I did manage to get a good start on my collection. They had a really huge Darth Vader display with the fiery logo. The event was packed.

There was a downfall though. I had a Clone Trooper variant in my hand when some asshole grabbed it out of my hand. I later found out he is notorious for selling stuff on e-bay so if you look hard enough you may find my figure on there.

The next day I went to Target at 4:00 in the morning after staying up all night. When the store opened I got my Darth Vader figure and picked up the Star Wars glasses. This was a good time and its sad that it was the last one.

It's sad that this was the last of the Midnight Madness events. I have enjoyed it for every movie and I don't want to see my credit card statement for next month. It's always cool to meet your fellow collectors. Most of them are great people. If any of you were at the Washington, Pennsylvania stores send me an email Also if you have stories you would like to share send them in.

Check out the rest of our Star Wars coverage as we get ready for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

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