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Click here!spacer David Horvath's Mothman vs. the Flatwoods Monster
with Jager

There are two creatures lurking deep in the woods of West Virginia. Countless sightings and speculation surrounding these sightings have turned the Mothman and Flatwoods Monster into beasts on par with Bigfoot and Nessie. Furthering the two's popularity, David Horvath has created vinyl toys based on these two monsters for the Kaiju For Grownups Series. These have been out for some time, I know. But to ease the pain many feel when buying the multiple colorways of these vinyl and to remember the good ol' days when toys bought at the grocery store were enough to satisfy our toy cravings, David Horvath has introduced the Super Market Series. Series 1 just flew into and we had to check the monsters out.

Click here!There are two things you notice about this set right off the bat. First is that you are getting two creatures with Horvath's distinct style in one bag with header card. You'd think that would be enough to make you sit up and take notice, but dig this: the set only costs 10 bucks! That's right, not only are the toys packaged like those old cowboy sets I used to buy, they are priced retro-style too!! But don't think that because these toys cost less than half of a normal vinyl toy that the quality went out the window. These are some nicely made toys and have a seriously sturdy feel to them. These are some toys you can really play with and not worry. The Mothman is made of solid plastic and is quite hefty in your hands. His eyes have nice detail cuts around them and the teeth are sculpted in the mouth. The Flatwoods Monster has a great texture on his top half and the bottom has a more synthetic feel. He reminds me of Dalek robots from Dr. Who with the nubs in rows. It's hard to call something a playset if it's not playable, and to make release more fun, there is a plastic tree and fence included. Hours of fun on the living room couch fighting off your GI Joes is to come!

Click here!Now you can create your own backwoods Kaiju mayhem! This set is a must for Horvath and Kaiju fans alike. There have been more Kaiju releases of both these creatures (I'm talking old school Kaiju), and these little guys sitting in front of the older releases would make a nice display. Plus, at 10 dollars they are definitely worth picking up for some fun. carries these and plenty of other cool Designer Toys, plus a rather large quirky Japanese toy selection.

David Horvath just updated all his web sites. Check out for all the info and links to his blog, myspace, and more!

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