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Mattel's Keldor
by Mr. Stinkhead

When I reviewed Roboto and The General (Rattlor) I made this big weepy proclomation that my MOTU collection was finished. It's all on display, there was nothing else I was looking for. Well, I still feel the same way, however I recently had the opportunity to score a convention exclusive Keldor, and the box was signed by all Four Horsemen. Like a sorority girl faced with a box of Twinkees, I could not resist temptation.

Why I Didn't Want Him Before
It's not that I didn't really want him, it's that I really didn't want to spend the outrageous prices for him. What was basically a cool new paint job and sweet couple of new heads, just wasn't worth $500. Ok, ok, yes, I really wanted him, but I had to hide my urges... for my wallet's sake, for my wife-still-wanting-to-talk-to-me's sake. This is a sweet toy, but it needed to be a lot more attainable before I would could admit my collection was incomplete. Admit to you the reader, and indeed, myself.

Click to see!So Is it Sweet?
It is really sweet! First off, the box with the autographs was glued shut. I could not even open and look at it without destroying the package. Or could I? German correspondant Playmoliver has a tested method of opening glued box flaps without sacraficing the box. I followed his instructions and the top flap opened easily, without a crease, rip, or cringe-worthy tear. In my opinion, both box and toy are still mint. But it will be up to the buyer that my future grandchildren deal with to decide it's worth.

Click to see!The inner box is like the mail-away exclusive Moss Man, with a decent window on top to allow in light to the MIP collectors. This had an easier to open, yet taped, flap. I was able to neatly slice the tape and open it without damage. (This could be another point of contention for my grandchildren's fortune. Damnned kids don't know the value of a dollar anyway).

The Keldor Head
Before Skeletor was Skeletor, he was Keldor. He has the hair and goatee of many a fanboy, and his face is a regal blue. You can easily pop off this head and attach another. The sculpt and paint match the rest of the MOTU line, and don't seem to be filler. But how could you not display this toy with the

Click to see!Burnt Face Head
The burnt face head! Man oh man, is this sweet. Keldor's howling face is half burnt by a vial of acid. There is translucent bubbling plastic "acid smoke" flying off the back his skull, there is skin sizzling away from the bone, and there is a soul, forever committing to evil, behind those eyes. Shock, pain, outrage. Those and the smell of bacon at an empty Bob Evans on a cold autumn morning are conveyed with this sculpt. I am blown away, I am completely thrilled, I am suddenly hungry.

Skeletor head
The kit also comes with a slightly modified Skelly head. It's the same sculpt and quality of the traditional Skeletor, just with some different colors. If you display Keldor with this head, you sir, are a knob. Get that acid Burnt Face Head back on there this instant.

Click to see!Accessories
You also get the ramshead staff and double swords of traditional Skeletor. But as a bonus you get a teeny vial of clear plastic "acid." Perfect for hurling at enemies. I mean, what could go wrong? Mom always said It's all fun and games until someone loses a face and turns to evil.

And he's got a cloth cape! It's stiff and course, just like his soul! [Ed note: Ok, that's enough] Ok... it's stiff and course, just like his toenails! But cloth. The cape is attached seamlessly to the original Skeletor armor. Infact, original Skeletor should have come this way... however it would not stand up to all the playing the little kids would do with him. Wait a minute... kids didn't have that Skeletor. If they bought any MOTU toys, the only ones they really had a chance to get were Sushi Platter Skeletor. While we're at it... Mattel could have produced a few more Keldors, and sold them online or at more conventions. The convention exclusive was a good idea, however their lottery system and low production numbers really drove the price of this puppy through the roof. When the price surpasses the value, the enjoyment of getting one goes down. And if you have production numbers, I want a large cast, with plenty of feathers and synchronized dancers.

This is a sweet toy, and I'm glad I have it. (I got it for $75 from but currently out of stock) Because of the small pieces, and number of heads, I have put him back inside his see-through packaging (the autographed box is safely put away). And he joins the rest of my MOTU collection. My finished collection. (I wish I get to write a second retraction, when I am reviewing Stinkor next year!) Yeah... big dreams of toys with only half a chance... that's a good thing for a toy collector to have. If I collected failed collector's dreams and sold those on eBay (MIP of course), I'd have enough money to wipe my butt with Keldors.

I don't really play with any of my toys... as much as I photograph and pose them... but this one is most certainly a collectible and not a toy, to me.

Broken dreams and burnt faces aside, this is a cool collectible. But the feeling I am left with, now that the MOTU line is dead and buried, is like picking the winning numbers for the big lottery, that was last week.

The next best thing to new action figures are the cold-cast statues of new characters being made by the Four Horsemen, the original sculptors of the line. Raving Toy Maniac has some great pictures of the first two figures, Hordak and Clawful, which will be in scale to the existing action figures. These figures are due out in stores in February.

Check out our extensive Masters of the Universe coverage.

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All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright Mattel. All photographs are ©2005

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