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Mattel's Masters of the Universe: Mutant Slime Pit
by Mr. Stinkhead

Is there anything cooler than slime? Well one thing, and that's mutant slime. Which begs the question, is there anything cooler than mutant slime? Yes, a pit of mutant slime.

When we saw this puppy at Toy Fair, I knew I had to get my hands on one. Then the Mattel reps told us that it tested the highest of any toy for 2003. Even among boy and girl toys, that means it would be high on the kids and collectors' lists. The only saving grace is that there are a lot of parents, and girlfriends that will forbid this one from entering the domicile. For you unfortunates, I have included video clips.

First off, the exclusive Mutant action figure that comes with the set is pretty kick-ass. The Four Horsemen make me swoon. In my experience, the figure that comes with a playset is an afterthought. An obligatory figure just you have something to play with. But this bony mutant is pretty incredible. His sculpt is one of the best out of the MOTU line so far. Plus he's spring-loaded to fly apart and spray his guts and slime all over the place. He pretty much wins with that feature right there. He has four points of articulation (five if you count the head, but it's pretty tight, and if you move it too far, the spring loading won't work as well). And he comes with an assortment of guts. Open him up, put in the plastic guts and a bit of slime, then close up his rib cage and stick his spine into his pelvis. Now if you tap his sternum (that's the closest thing I can call it) the whole top half goes flying out and open, tossing guts and slime. This is the embodiment of the two toys I was forbidden to have as a child. The original Evil Horde Slime Pit, and Mad Scientist's Dissect an Alien.

Click to see!The pit playset is pretty nice too. It features solid construction, and it's hinged to fit back in the box later. The door covering the slime pit is double hinged. You can push up on the door from below to have the monster emerge, or if you lean the throne forward, you can face plant somebody right in the thick of it.

Click to see!They put all kinds of cool detail into the nooks and crannies, yet the plastic is of a material that makes it easy to peel the slime right off. I want to comment here that the odd shape on the bottom (like a cut-out U) is either for cost/physics, or it will plug in nicely to future playsets they have in the works. How far are we from Snake Mountain? That would be the baddest-ass thing ever.

Click to see!So to set it up, sit Skeletor up on the throne. Open the slime pit monster to fill him with slime and guts. Then pour a little more than half of the slime onto the door of the pit. The doors only open outward when the throne is upright, but quickly give way when the throne is dumping someone down it. Now reach under and push the mutant up through the slime door. He'll come out covered in slime. The bony sculpt has lots of nooks and crannies that make it great for catching the slime, making sure he's pretty covered. (I tried covering He-Man and the slime pretty much ran off of him).

Click to see!Now if He-Man were to slice at the mutant, the mutant quickly pops open and spills his guts. Here's a nice feature, there's a lock in the base of his spine to prevent him from popping open if you want to play with him a lot. Good call Mattel.

MPG fileThe slime itself is very reminiscent of the original slime. I don't think the smell is quite the same. Here you get a cream-cheese sized tub of slime with a durable snap tight lid. The slime is consistent enough you could technically pull it all out of the tub, and if you're careful enough, you can peel it off the parts and figures. But it does ooze nicely. The only problem I had was the excess of little slime boogers that ended up under my knuckles, between my fingers and up my nose (wait a minute). I was pretty concerned about gumming up my camera, because no matter how hard you try, you can not play with slime with one hand.

Clean-up wasn't too bad. It was easy gathering up the pools of slime. The hinges on the door were less fun, and again, those slime boogers were getting to me a little bit. But the entire point of this playset is to make a bit of a mess.

Overall: 9 out of 10

MPG fileHands down, this is the coolest playset of the year. The packing is great, but there's no way you can leave this one in the box. The price point is $20, but between the figure being incredible and the playset being well made, it's completely worth it. Now the hard part is tracking one down.

Please peruse the entire collection of photos below. There are also some video clips for your enjoyment.

Click on the image for a larger version.

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This is what you're looking forThe backSlime tub size comparisonRare intimate moment between arch-nemesis'
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Slime Pit MutantAnother shotBackSliced open with guts falling out
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Completed pitThe throneSide detailFire Skeletor in throne
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He-Man arrives on the sceneThe monster emergesHe's still coming...
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Still coming....Sliced open!Learn a new word!
MPG file MPG file MPG file MPG file
Video of mutant emergingVideo of Mutant being chopped openAnother passVideo of picking up the Slime
MPG file MPG file MPG file MPG file
Video, not going down without a fight.OuttakeOuttakeOuttake
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Fire Skeletor in packageFire Skeletor FrontFire Skeletor BackHere is our review of Evil Lyn

All figure likenesses, names and properties are copyright Mattel. All photographs are copyrighted 2003 by

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