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spacerAchy Breaky Toys' Mulletheads Series One
by Jager

[Ed note: I snuck in a bunch of word bubbles on the images after Jager wrote this article. He hasn't even seen em yet. Tee hee!]

Click here!With this line, Achy Breaky Toys has embraced the true counter culture of today: people with mullets. In case you didn't know (or have never been to a carnival), a mullet is a hair style in which the wearer has shorter hair on the top and in the front while the back and often sides go long—think Billy Ray Cyrus. Truly, the Mullet Head slogan Long in back says it all. Mullets can be worn from people as famous as professional wrestlers to the never to be famous gas station attendant. The beauty of the mullet is that from the front you can appear to have the respectable give me a job hair style, but when you go around back it's nothing but party time. But enough about hair, we're here to talk about toys.

Click here!The first series consists of four vinyl figures that carry some serious character. The line as a whole sports no articulation, but what they lack in that department is made up for in style. They average four inches tall which is much smaller than your average vinyl piece. This is a draw to me, because like many people out there, my shelves are getting full. Plus, when the figures are smaller it makes you feel more inclined to buy the whole line. (Minimates, anyone?) The paint apps on the figures are great. Nice and neat, plus they have a matte quality that suits the style.

Click here!The packaging is the traditional blister card. But each figure has a different image on the front ranging from monster trucks to a mobile home. White trash in all it's glory. On the back of each card there's a collectible dossier that harkens back to the glory days of GI Joe. It has the character's name, age, mullet classification, and so on. The package isn't resealable, but the blister gives you a good look at the figure if you're a non-opener. But you can't get a good look at the mullet itself unless you take it out.

I had quite a few laughs with three of the first series' characters. Check it out:

Click here!Kelly Radditz
Mullet Classification: The Backstage Pass
Known as the Journey Dreamer, Kelly sports the trendy baseball undershirt and what look like Chuck Taylor All Stars. His freckles look great and his eyes seem to have that I don't care attitude. His mullet is the tallest of the line. I'm talking poofy! I think I've seen this kid in Hot Topics buying a Maiden shirt.

Click here!Speed Fry Jr.
Mullet Classification: Texas Tailwind
Fry is sculpted holding his pet armadillo Baggins. This is odd to say the least, but seems to work for him. His bottom teeth protrude from his mouth and look a lot like a rodent's. The sculpting on him is great, with his pant legs going beyond his shoes and touching the ground in the back and his mullet looks like he spends some time trimming it up. It has two layers of coolness. One stops where he could still be considered respectable, while the other goes way past his arm pits. He's also sportin' some side burns just to show the ladies he's a man. Even if he does live with his grandma.

Click here!Randy Laughlin
Mullet Classification: Margaritaville Spill
This one really cracked me up because I worked with a guy who looks just like this. Randy's mullet is the most common you'd see in 1988. In fact it appears to almost not be a mullet at all. But he keeps the top a little more under control than the back so it still fits the bill. The River Rat has the best paint apps with stripes on his shorts, gapped teeth, thick mustache, and blue blocker style shades with different color frames than lenses. He also sports the longest mullet of the three. The sculpting is nice with his mullet seeming to have more body than the rest, and his feet aren't attached at the base. His face has that Whatchoo lookin' at? expression that is seen oh-so-much on folks with mullets.

Click here!All in all, this is a great collector driven line. Achy Breaky is building a reputation of making quality art based figures and this really brings that idea home. This isn't a line consisting of your favorite mutant or militant. Here we have fun, quirky figures that are sure to spark some conversation and laughs sitting on your desk.

Check out for all your Achy Breaky needs.
Everything you ever wanted (and didn't know you wanted) to know about mullets can be found at

Achy Breaky was on hand at the SubCultures: The Art of the Action Figure exhibit.

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Article and all images are copyrighted 2004

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