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spacer Click hereGarbage Pail Kids Return
by the MPb Staff

Garbage Pail Kids are back! That's old, but some of the MPb staffers chimed in with good stories about the GPKs, new and old.

Mr. Stinkhead
These have been out for a few weeks, but we're just getting to them now. Opinons don't get old as quickly as news. We here at MPb are pretty content with the recent resurgence of 80's nostalgia that has been dominating the market recently. He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, the list goes on. We all have hopes and dreams for what treasures from our past will resurface next. Will they be just as we remembered them? Will they be reimagined? Just as I'm thinking to myself "I don't dodge in and out of convenience stores like I used to in middle school..." [When I was too young to drive, I would beg and plead with my parents to pull over, and let me duck into the High's, 7-11s, or CVSs we'd pass all the time. I'd run in, wait in line, and try to buy new GPKs... 8 times out of 10, they wouldn't have any left. Sold out. 2 times out of 10, they looked at me like I was retarded, because I had been in there two days prior. See, I live in a geographical anomaly, where every half of a block has a convenience store, two convenience stores per strip mall, and 7-11's across the street from each other. It was Heaven and Hell at the same time. Think that episode of classic Twilight Zone with the Penguin.]

When I heard about the new cards, questions filled my aching noggin. Are they reprints of the old ones? Are they all-new? Will my personal influence, John Pound, return to illustrate new characters? When can we expect the movie on Special Edition DVD? Will this help make my habit of picking my nose in public less embarrassing? These things I had to know. However, like I said, I live in a geographic anomaly (that you'd assume would be on top of its game) that never gets things the week they come out.

Click hereAnyway, a few weeks ago I'm in a little lakeside town north of Pittsburgh, I go into town with a group to pick up food and we've got 45 minutes to kill... Hmmmm, the craft store proved nothing interesting. (Honestly, I looked. You never know when you find something unintentionally funny in a place like that. This was not one of those experiences.) The only thing left is a drug store. Why not... Halloween was around the corner, they were bound to have something cool. Low and behold! Near the counter! All new Garbage Pail Kids! My heart leapt and my pants quivered. I quickly bought three packs. $3... what?! Better be worth it for the nostalgia high. Right here, I paused and thought a moment, in my hands I'm holding the most statistically perfect pack of GPKs that I will buy in a long time. There is no way I could have any doubles. I ripped open the booger-green wrapper and touched GPKs my eyes had never laid eyes on, for the first time in about 18 years. The food I was waiting for was finally ready, so we all piled in the car to return to the lake house, but then I begged the driver to pull into the drug store again so I could dodge in and pick up a few more packs (had to get one for Jager).

So what's new about em? They're all new alright. John Pound did come back, and he's illustrating all new characters that spoof pop culture icons of today. Like Harry Potty... hahahaha... classic. You get four all new cards in the pack. You also get a holo-foil type reprint of one of the classic figures... but wait... it's not a traditional repaint, it had to be redrawn... looks like it was traced, to be printed on the holo-foil. I'd love to know why they were redrawn instead of reprinted. I also got an advertisement for Wiz Kids' Creepy gross clix thing. Oh and four pieces of individually wrapped gum. Didn't you used to get 10 GPKs and one stick of gum for $.35 ? I know times have changed, but it seems to me you can fit more cards in there with less gum. Actually, the wrappers of the gum have more stickers on em with more GPK characters on them. That's kind of cool. They feel like Bazooka Joe type paper. I'm excited, I dug up my old Series III and Series IV complete sets a little while back and started going through them with renewed passion.

Click hereLando
I remember in the 4th grade GPK were huge. My brother (Tate) and I were constantly running down to Lou's drug store buying packs. A funny story I remember was on Valentine's day. I decided to include all of the Valentine's with an extra Garbage Pail Kid Card. So as I was putting them together I realized that I didn't have enough to give. So first I limited it to the girls. I still didn't have enough so I stole a bunch from Tate's collection. He had no clue until now.

I also remember creating Garbage Pail Kids. My best was Sam Ham. Sam Ham was a kid's head was shaped like a ham and it was being sliced. I wish I had the picture because it was great."

Here are 4 pics of my favorites.

As for the new cards, not enough cards too much gum.

Click hereR Hunter
Funny GPK story, Digger from Art Asylum's real name is a highly guarded secret. I tricked him into telling it to me one night at the W hotel in San Diego by brining up what GPK I had. I said mine was Dressy Jessy and he followed suit without even hesitating.....D'oh!

[Ed note] You going to leave us hanging like that?]

Here's the press release we got from Topps:
In Contrast to the Reappearance of Cute and Cuddly 80's Icons, Garbage Pail Kids Return

Click hereNew York, NY—Yes, Garbage Pail Kids, the collecting phenomenon of the 80's are back with an all-new assortment of rib-tickling stickers.

As part of the retro-launch celebration of the Garbage Pail Kids, Topps unearthed artwork originally intended for a 16th series from the 80's that was never published.  For the occasion of the re-launch, the company also commissioned numerous new paintings that update GPK for today's audience. Metallic Alec is body-pierced to the max. Fartin' Martin uses bodily gases to propel his Razor-like scooter and Hip Hop-inspired Phat Phil takes center stage, complete with baggy jeans, a baseball cap turned sideways and a snot-stuffed microphone. Fans of early images—now in their 20's and 30's—will take particular delight in seeing new renditions of the most memorable characters, including Adam Bomb, Potty Scotty and Corroded Carl.


Computers hardly existed when Garbage Pail Kids was first introduced, but now web-savvy fans can experience GPK online via the just-launched, official web site. offers funny (and gross) animations of many popular characters. Another interactive feature allows viewers to create their own Garbage Pail Kids and email them to friends and foes. More content will be added in the coming months.

Retailers carrying the Topps foil packs ($.99 SRP) - merchandised in day-glow lime green display boxes - run the gamut of specialty stores, hobby shops and national mass merchants.

The Topps Company, founded in l938 as Topps Chewing Gum, is an international marketer of kids' entertainment products, principally candy, collectible trading cards, sticker album collections and miniature games.

Here's some cool places to check out:

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