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New Playmobil Bank Robbers and Getaway Car
with Mr. Stinkhead

Click meAs you may or may not know, my absolute favorite toy is playmobil. They're made in Germany, which has led to many, many hijinks when they hit American stores. You can read my big article detailing some of the less PC figures here. (If you've read it before, check it out now, new links and pics added!).

So, on to the brand new sets. All playmobil sets come out in Germany one year before they come out in America. You may be lucky and score some of these sets through one of the American Fun Parks, but otherwise you'll have to eBay it. I happen to have a good friend in Germany that shares my love of playmobil. Playmoliver came to vist recently, and in exchange for providing a place to stay and an incredible tour of Washington DC, Oliver brought me the much anticipated Bank Robbers (3161) and their Get-away car (3162). (Editor's note: Did you know they don't have Hooters in Germany? I mean, they have hooters obviously, but not the restaurant)

Click meI have been waiting for these robbers for some time. First off, they come with a working safe. You have to program in the code when you're assembling it. If you forget the combination, you have to use a screw-driver to open the back and reset it. playmobil isn't selling you crap here. You're getting the real deal.

In addition to the safe, you get two expert safe-crackers. They are slightly reminiscent of the thugs on the classic Adam West Batman series of the 60s. Knit caps, a little bit of stubble, and striped shirts would instantly give them away in a line-up. They aren't ill-equiped either. One has a blow-torch, the other a set of keys. Once they're successful, there is a real metal, gold-colored brick and a suit case full of Euros waiting for them inside.

Click meThe accompanying set, 3162, is the flashy sports car with pimped out riff-raff. The car is stylish and sleek, yet retains its European heritage. There are no doors and the convertable roof is like Anna Nicole Smith's mouth, permanently open. However if you flip the switch underneath the car, the headlights swing open. You have to check out this thing from the rear too. That is sweet. The trunk compartment opens, it looks like a DeLorean, and there is a hole for you to attach the included grappling hook for ripping ATMs out of the wall. And don't get me started on the guy in white. He looks like he's reday for GTA: Vice City with those threads and hat.

Click meRecently made available in America is the biggest asshole playmobil figure we've seen to date. We all thought the smiling executioner was as bad as it got. Wrong. Here comes the dickweed traffic cop with a radar gun. Usually toys don't piss me off... that's not true... toys piss me off a lot, but rarely do toys evoke the emotions that this one figure does. I mean WTF playmobil?! Anyway, this figure comes alone (called a special if it is independant of a playset) with only a walkie-talkie, handgun and tripod mounted radar gun. What's next, the playmobil IRS guy? (Editor's note: a playmobil IRA guy would be sweet)

Click mePlaymoliver also brought along something to show me, this rare limited edition chrome knight. He was probably a promtional guy made available awhile ago. I haven't even seen this guy on eBay before... so he's pretty rare. His entire body and face are pressed with a chrome finish, and he has snap-on armor pieces. Pretty fancy display piece, but I wouldn't toss him into your battles, the chrome can eventually chip after heavy play.

So there's a lot of cool new playmobil recently made available state-side, and coming up around the corner. We'll take a look at the new Viking series, and a few of the larger playsets that are available in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned. And remember, whatever you have to do in life, be it rob a bank or give someone a ticket... do it with a big noseless smile.


Toy Fair 03

Article © 2003 All Images © 2002, 2003 unless otherwise noted. is not affiliated in any way with PLAYMOBIL® or its manufacturer, Geobra Brandstatter Gmbh.

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