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Click here Android 8 and Unkl Brand's Octopo
by Jager

Android 8 makes its toy producing debut with Unkl Brand's Octopo and they are coming out of the dugout swinging. This toy is a very fun piece made by a great design team. This exclusive toy is an android (made for Android 8—Octopo android get it?). But he's not your typical robot. He is very fun and likeable. Even with his cold emotionless stare, his bright color and distinct style make him stand out on your shelf with a positive vibe.

Click hereThis piece has a really clean and simple look. Now don't misread here, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's boring. Some artists use meticulous details and textures to their advantage, but that not the Unkl's Brand way. This toy is streamlined down to its necessities and sometimes this is best. The edges of the toy are rounded and it has four legs in true "po" fashion. The arms and head both twist for your posing pleasure. I really like the face on this guy with the one large visor and the respirators. Each side of the head has a cool screw head painted on to give the impression that the face plate lifts off for maintenance (I wish it did!). Also, at the end of each arm there are four fingers. They are very thin, but still seem pretty stiff. These are all nice touches to the sculpt, but two features really impressed me. First, the right hand pops off to reveal exposed wires. To me, this is an obvious homage to Darth Vader, but that could just be because I'm so in love with the original trilogy. The hand stays on pretty snug and the wires are actual wires (not pieces of plastic). You can spread them or bend them or whatever you like! Very nice touch. The other special feature is Mini-8. This is Ocotpo's on board communication system and best friend. It's a dog-like little guy who stays in Octopo's back via a magnet. The magnet is strong, holding Mini-8 very well. You just hold him close and he's sucked into the main toy's back. Mini-8 has a slick design of it's own with the four "po" legs and ears that hang down on each side. On his back is a large antenna for communicating with the mother ship, while his front has a large single lens ready for observations.

Click hereWhat really cracked me up on Octopo were the writing and paint apps. They are all very clean and crisp, but what they say is very tongue-in-cheek funny. On his chest is a crest of himself. Does this mean that he only represents himself? Or are there many on his home world and they wear this in pride? What ever the reason, it's sure that a simple O wouldn't do. In Mini-8's docking station there is an arrow pointing to the magnet with the text Initiate docking sequence. Classic. His right arm sports a warning against high electric shock pointing to the removable hand. These are great references to sci-fi and real space travel. The vinyl the toy is made from is a high quality: sturdy and thick. It's color injected to have a consistent yellow/green color with the blue paint apps playing nicely off the base color. I have to mention the stripes on the toy. The left arm and legs have a blue horizontal stripe breaking the toy's symmetry and really adding to the visual appeal of the toy. This is echoed on Mini-8. I'm a sucker for asymmetry.

Click hereThe box itself is very nice with a description of what the toy is, art of Octopo and Mini-8, using a matching color scheme. But as nice as it is, there's no window so even the MIB toy collectors will want to take this guy out for display. Besides, who wants to look at a shelf full of boxes? You can see that at the store.

At six inches tall, this is a must have for the Sci Fi fan and Unkl junkies alike. The fact that it's limited to 500 pieces also adds to the toy's appeal. Android 8 is just getting started producing toys, with more coming soon from some well known artists. Octopo is a great opening statement to the company's credibility.

Android 8 has a very nicely designed site with some great toys for sale (including Octopo) and some other fun stuff.

Unkl Brand has been designing toys for some time and they aren't stopping for anyone!

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