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spacer Click for bigger Palisades Entertainment's
Plush Face Hugger and Chest Burster
from the Alien films
by Mr. Stinkhead, with special appearance from the Princess of Power

We love the Alien films, we own the Quadrilogy and several of the McFarlane Alien action figures, but when we saw that the face hugger and chest burster were available in a fun plush form, we had to get them. It took a bit of tracking down to finally get the Face hugger by Christmas. I wanted his long poseable fingers poking out of the P.O.P.'s stocking. When we saw the Chest burster a few weeks later, we snatched him up without second thought. Both of these retailed for about $25 at Suncoast Pictures, and have been well worth the fun.

Click for biggerThe Materials
Palisades chose pretty appropriate types of fabric to mimic the fleshy face hugger and chest burster's skin. It's not just a plain pink either, it's got a nice sheen to it. The underside of the face hugger has a great pattern that lends itself to playing along with the dissection in Alien and Aliens. This "cut-open" face hugger also allows Palisades to stray from the "feminine anatomy" inspired underside from the movies. I don't miss it. [Ed note: yeah right]

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Believe it or not, they worked in some great armature deep within the toys so that you can pose the long fingers curled around your head, and even make the chestburster stand up on its own. That was impressive. I do kind of wish that the tail of the face hugger was constructed "straight" so that it would wrap around your neck a little easier. But for now it's constructed in a nice swooshing position that lends itself to better display.

Click for biggerOverall
I wouldn't change much. I think these are incredibly well made. They're great for throwing on unsuspecting party goers, they're creepy without being gross and disgusting, and they're a fun way to reenact parts of the Alien series. I'm glad their life-sized, and represent the film props as accurately as they could. I wish that the face hugger had a piece of stretchy elastic on the underside so it could hang on your face easier, but it's not really meant to be a halloween mask type of thing.

We're excited for the Queen style Chest burster from Alien 3 due out soon. We will bring you the report from Toy Fair 2005 of upcoming Alien toys and replicas from Palisades Entertainment.

Check out the P.O.P. and my review of Alien vs Predator due out in stores on 1/25. If you dig plush monstrosities, check out the Godzilla and Cthulhu on Jager's Designer toy page. You should check out all of our collected Alien coverage, including action figures and the DVDs.

Be sure to visit our collected Palisades coverage for more reviews and check out, the official site, for more information.

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Aliens and all related characters are © 20th Century Fox. All images are ©2005

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