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spacerClick here! Toy Vault's Godzilla Origins: Godzilla and Rodan plush
by Jager

Liked the plush Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth? Check out our contest below.

Toy Vault wows me again with their plush depictions of Godzilla and his most famous enemies/allies in their Godzilla Origins line. This line is led by Godzilla himself and includes Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. I had a blast playing with the first two. Here's the skinny:

First and foremost, Toy Vault constantly ups the ante by using more and more variety in their fabric selections for their plush toys. I'm not talking different colors here; I'm talking different textures and weaves. This gives their plush such a rich look. Now on to details.

Click here!Godzilla
The King of the Monsters is back and this time he's cuddly! Godzilla sports vinyl finger and toe nails, giving them a shine that his soft gray hide doesn't allow. It looks great. His teeth are made from a soft leather-like material giving them sharpness, but still safe for chewing on your finger. His fins are made of a stiffer, courser fabric allowing them to stand stiff and feel tough. This is the fabric variety I was talking about. As for his pose, it's classic Godzilla. The tail is cut to curl up and off the ground. And he's stuffed very tightly making him stand very solidly. This is one great cuddly Godzilla.

Click here!Rodan
This Pterodactyl is the fastest of all the monsters. A beast like that would need an impressive wingspan. How's this? 26 inches from tip to tip! Besides being big, the wings are poseable. There's a wire running from one wing, through the torso, and into the other wing giving the monster some great poseability. The wire feels about as thick as a wire coat hanger, so it should last through some serious bending. There's also a wire running from one foot, up the leg and down to the other foot. This one is also thick enough to stand up to use. Sadly, there isn't one in the dino's neck. The multiple fabrics are here, and the wings are tye dyed. This gives a natural feel to the coloring. I love his little fingers and toes. Thanks to his ankylosaurus-like tail, he stands solid. The wires cause this one to be not as soft as Godzilla, but it's a great plush toy and it's those same wires that take it from a static toy to a poseable one.

These are great for fans of either Godzilla or quality plush... or both! Toy Vault also makes Cthulu, Monty Python, and Here Be Monsters lines. Check them out at!

Spring has sprung! To celebrate the occasion, and Toy Vault have joined forces to give away an Easter Bunny worth having. One with Big Pointy Teeth! Enter to win your very own, brand new, Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth by logging onto our message board and posting your favorite skit, scene, or line from any Monty Python movie/TV show in the contest's thread. The winner will be randomly choosen the Monday following Easter (April 11th). Good luck!
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Article and all images are copyrighted 2004

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