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LEGO Harry Potter Custom Contest Winner
by Lando da Pimp

Mugglenet and are proud to announce the winner and the runners up of the LEGO Harry Potter Custom Contest. The winner receives the brand new Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, LEGO: Hogwarts Castle set (5378). The top 10 runners up will each receive a mini-Knight Bus LEGO set. The winner is:


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The Last Hope from The Phoenix Flames
By Kenny Hong

In the great hall of Hogwarts, members of the Phoenix are planning their last Horcruxes meeting. As they were muddled and in confusion, suddenly a ball of phoenix flames appeared in the center of the great hall, a figure forms in front of Harry Potter. It was the spirit of Dumbledore with the last of the Horcruxes. Using the flames of the Phoenix to uplift and light the hopes of all, with that all who could destroy the Horcruxes followed the spirit of Dumbledore and flew out of the castle. Harry Potter will use his life to fulfill this difficult and dangerous task. His best friends; Ron Weasley and Hermione quickly try to catch up to Harry as they knew that Harry Potter would not return from this trip.


Here is how the voting was done. Each judge submitted their top 10 entries. The message board poll winner was then included as one vote. The eleven entries that got the most votes became our grand prize and runner up winners.

Kenny Hong's "The Last Hope from the Phoenix Flames" received the most votes out of all the entries from the Judges. I voted for Kenny's because he had the right mix of story and LEGO construction. I really enjoyed the look and feel of the scenes he created. Kenny used a lot of great details in building the scene and even added lighting to enhance the mood. However, he also had a great "possible" story idea for Book 7. I love the idea that the spirit of Dumbledore returns to guide Harry through his final task. You could also take the idea that Harry's future is one where his friends can't follow. It is Harry alone that must stop Voldermort.

I enjoyed reading and seeing all the LEGO entries. Everybody did a fantastic job and I hope that we can continue with another contest when "The Half-Blood Prince" hits the theaters. Here are the runner up entries. If you are the runner up winner please send an email to with your name, address, and entry number. Please be sure to send the email from the account that you submitted the entry so I can verify the address and entry.



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Bloodshed at Hogwarts
By Derek H.

Voldemort, along with his armies of Deatheaters, Inferi, and Dementors raids Hogwarts in order to find Harry Potter. Harry, who is searching for the Horcruxes with Ron and Hermione, is not there and many innocent lives are lost. After the battle, Hagrid, Lupin, and Wormtail are among the dead and Hogwarts closes for good.


Harry Potter Vs. Lord Voldemort
By Weston Dransfield

In this movie, Voldemort and Harry duel, but who will survive?



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Deathly Duels
By Tyler McKee

This final battle consist of Snape saving Harry from Voldemort, Lucius getting crossed by his own son, Lupin winning the battle with Pettigrew, Hagrid (top left), Tonks (top middle), and Kingsley (top right) all fighting death eaters. Ginny (bottom left) is also fighting a death eater and protecting Hermione (bottom left corner) while she tries to heal Rons (also in that corner) hand.


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The Final Battle
By Chris Bradley

Harry, Ron and Hermione track down Voldremort, who is hiding in a forest along with a few Dememtors and a Death Eater. All 3 of them have there wands pointed at Voldremort but will Harry Kill him?


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Nightmare of Muggles
By Hong Tzer Teo

As the news of Dumbledore’s death spreads through the land; with the only
force that Voldemort feared removed, the forces of darkness start to gather.
Voldermort leads his vast army of darkness in to the city of Muggles, to
take back the control of the world and fulfill Slytherin’s long awaited

All of Voldemort’s minions gathered, the loyal Death Eater, the recently
released Azkaban prisoners, Dementor, Werewolf and Giant were loudly
parading and loudly praising “Wizard” are the rulers of the world and with
their dark magic civilians were killed at sight; Giants recklessly destroy
all that crossed their paths, the Dementors took the happy memories of the
people with great pleasure and the Werewolves attacked all that stood before
them venting the frustration from the long hidings and the suppression.


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Dumbledore's Spy
By Meen Err

In the dark cavern, Harry Potter holds the Horcruxes that was attained from the lives of his friends. As he was planning to leave, Voldemort catches up on his little pet with a large army of Dementors and his loyal servant Professor Snape block the way out. How can the weak and out numbered Harry Potter defeat such a great enemy? As Voldemort raises his wand to strike Harry Potter, Professor Snape turns to block the magic of Voldemort. The spy that Dumbledore placed in Voldermort's forces was told to save Harry Potter at the most crucial time. Angered and furious by Professor Snape's betrayal, Voldemort increases his attack to wipe them out. With Professor Snape losing the battle with Voldemort, Harry Potter needs to find out how to destroy the last of the Horcruxes if not all of Dumbledore's efforts will be wasted.


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Attack on the Hogwarts Express
By Kim E. Stebbing

It depicts the Hogwarts Express has been attacked by Death Eaters on the way back to Platform 9 3/4. Harry, Ron and Neville battle three Death Eaters. One of the most significant is Bellatrix Lestrange, fighting Neville.


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Harry vs Voldemort
By Aaron Andrews

...Voldemort's face twisted into rage as he cradled his injured hand. "You'll pay for that, Potter!" he screamed above the shrieking wind.

Harry's heart filled his throat & he took an involuntary step backwards. He could feel the cold stone of the tower ramparts against his back. The howling wind whipped about the tower spires like a demented banshee. The Dark Lord loomed before him, a great, dark menacing shape, his wand held high for the final strike.

Harry chanced a look behind him and instantly felt a sickening dizziness as his racing mind took in the full height of Hogwart's tallest tower. One year earlier it had been Dumbledore, wounded and exhausted, who had been cornered against the rail of the Astronomy Tower by Snape and the Deatheaters. And now it was Harry who stood facing his greatest adversary with nothing but a sheer drop behind him.

Voldemort leveled his wand at Harry's heart which thumped wildly with fear. "And now, young wizard," Voldemort was whispering but his words cut through the wind like a razor, "you shall die. Avada..."

But before the Dark Lord could finish the Unforgivable Curse Harry took one final breath and leapt over the tower rail & plummeted into the darkness below.

Voldemort roared with laughter. Triumphant, he returned his attention to the Ghostly Veil that stood behind him in the middle of the tower. How long had he waited for this moment? How many times had his plans been thwarted by the Order of the Phoenix and that meddling Potter? Now with the correct incantation he could free the shadows that were trapped in the veil and take his rightful place as the Slytherin heir and ruler of Hogwarts... and then, at last, the world would be his.

Standing before the veil he raised his arms and summoned his strength. The long hidden words of the ancient incantation rolled into his mind. But before he could begin his concentration was shattered by a horrendous inhuman scream.

Voldemort spun about, his wand at the ready. But too late. The huge reptilian frame of an adolescent dragon suddenly burst into view over the tower battlements, with none other than Harry Potter clinging to the back of the dragon for dear life.

The dragon hung for a moment before the Dark Lord as if suspended in the air. Then Harry leant forward and whispered into the beast's scaly ear. "Get him, Norbert!" Flame erupted from the beast's terrible maw as it lunged towards Voldemort. The Dark Lord was knocked off balance, he seemed to wobble on one leg for a second before tumbling into the veil...


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Harry's Renewed Resolve
By Alden Frautschy

It was early dawn and a person could be seen walking up.  Harry came  
up to the tomb and sat down in the early morning light.  Harry found  
himself sitting in front of the tomb a lot lately.  Sometimes he  
would just sit there, watching the world.  Other times he would sit  
and think; about Ginny, the horcruxes, Hogwarts and what was going on  
there, the horcruxes, Hermione and Ron (and if they were ever going  
to end up together), and the horcruxes.  And every so often he would  
sit in front of Dumbledore's tomb and wonder why he was the  
chosen one, why Dumbledore had to die.  This would be so much  
easier if he were still alive, Harry thought.  But that wasn't going  
to help him.  After a couple of hours Harry stood up with a renewed  
resolve, he was going to bring Voldemort down (and maybe a couple of  
Death Eaters too) and he was going to do it for Dumbledore.  Harry  
turned and walked away from the tomb.  He was going to go and find  
Hermione and Ron.  They had work to do...


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Life Debt Paid at Godric’s Hollow
By Elise Friedman

In Deathly Hallows, I know that Harry, Ron and Hermione will go to
Godric’s Hollow to look for Horcruxes. I think they will go and find
Huffelpuff’s Cup. But Voldemort knew they would go there so he sent
Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange to bring them back to him. But
Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) heard the plan. Since he owed Harry a ‘save
your life’ he went to save him from Malfoy and Lestrange.
Back in Godric’s Hollow, Harry, Ron and Hermione see the Cup. Ron is
about to take it when the Death Eaters jump out and grab him. Luckily
for Ron, Wormtail shows up and ties Lucius and Bellatrix up so they
can’t move, and he takes their wands. The trio says thank you.
This is the scene I made in Lego’s: Ron had Huffelpuff’s Cup and is in
the air on his broom. Hermione is also in the air and is saying ‘C’mon
Harry!’ Harry is about to fly when he says to Pettigrew ‘Thanks, but
you betrayed my parents,’ and takes off in the air. As they leave,
Wormtail says ‘Debt repaid!’ into the night.

Congrats to the winners. So how do you think the judges did? Did we pick the right winners? Join our Message Board and tell us your opinion and what was your favorite! Thanks to everybody who entered, the Mugglenet community, and of course the main sponsor of the contest LEGO!

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