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spacer Toy Vault's Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth
by Jager

Click here!So it's Valentine's Day and you still need to get that perfect present for your significant other. You want it to be mushy to a point, be a little girly, but still have a cool factor. Well, Toy Vault has you covered with its plush Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

This company takes great pride in creating extremely well made plush toys and this is no exception. The little guy is very cute and so soft... until you open its mouth to expose those teeth!! Click here!Okay, the teeth are cloth too. But they are made from a different textured material than the inner mouth and the tongue is yet another fabric. There's a lot of attention paid to the details. And there are more than I thought would be possible for a plush toy. It has two large fangs that extrude from its bottom jaw. This is all well and good for latching onto your neck, but could cause a problem when closing the mouth. The designers solved this problem by adding a recess in the roof of the rabbit's mouth for the teeth to slide into, allowing the mouth to close fully. There is a little bit of red Velcro on the front of the mouth to hold it closed which is especially handy for making the rabbit look like an innocent stuffed animal. Now you can surprise your date with the teeth for a good laugh. Aww... she says, he's so cute...what? Ahhh!!! Run Away! Run Away!.

Click here!Being a Monty Python fan, I was excited to see the line Toy Vault has released. But even if I set aside my admiration and love for the Holy Grail, this toy is still quite impressive. I would highly recommend buying this for the avid fan of the movie or a lover of plush toys. It has been fun to show to my friends. They look at me like I'm crazy being so excited about a stuffed rabbit but when they find the mouth they instantly fall in love.

Don't take my word for it, here's what a real rabbit recipient has to say:

Click here!I came home one day to see a cute stuffed rabbit on the kitchen table. "What am I going to do with a stuffed bunny," I thought, and "why couldn't I have gotten something a little cooler and a little less cute?" I was starting to formulate some not-too-fake sounding appreciative statements when my dearest exposed the rabbit's big TEETH! Yippee, that's a lot cooler and I don't have to pretend to like it.

Check out the entire Monty Python line as well as some other great plush at

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