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click for largerK*NEx's Rekonstructors
by Lando da Pimp

K*Nex Rekonstructors' XTractors Team sets are now available. The Rekonstructors are a line of construction sets that let you quickly build—and rebuild—good and evil characters. Each of the Xtractors Team can be constructed into three different modes scout, battle, and attack. Let's take a look:

click for largerVektor
Jason Michaels is the youngest member of the Xtractors Team. Eager to please, Jason often reacts without thinking. This leads him into trouble. While out of patrol, a garbled message is received from the Elite Pilots with warning of an incredible source of power. The transmission was then cut off. Passing through ZeKor's atmosphere Jason was fused with the ship's dune buggy with an attached glowing powercore. Jason is now become Vektor.

Vektor is a pretty sweet looking dune buggy with a slick tailfin. On the side is a working missile launcher. When transformed into battle mode Vektor's tail fin becomes a weapon / shield.

click for largerBulldog
Bulldog was also fused with a vehicle. Merging with the ship's bulldozer, Sgt. MacDonald became Bulldog. Before becoming Bulldog, Sgt. MacDonald was discharged from the military for insubordination. Bulldog's powercore provides him with the ability to manipulate the surrounding terrain and defend himself from his enemies.

Bulldog's front shovel becomes a fierce looking weapon in Battle mode.

click for largerJammer
Fused with the ship's hovercraft, Zack Armstrong, became Jammer. Zack was made a member of the XTractors Team because of his knowledge of computers. With his powercore, Jammer, is capable of confusing his enemies by "jamming" their brain waves.

I found Jammer to be the most enjoyable to construct. The more challenging build is always a plus.

click for largerWhat is cool about the Rekonstructors is that each one is different. No Xtractors has the same construction providing a different building experience each time. They also come in a container that can store the Xtractors along with the instructions on how to build them. A mini comic book is also provided to give you the story of the Rekonstructors.

For more information go to
Also, be sure to watch the Xtractors online cartoon.

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