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click for larger Lord of the Rings: Ring Wraith from Play Along Toys
photos and review by Mr. Stinkhead

Somebody's been a well behaved online web-magazine, and Christmas came early. We received a certain Lord of the Rings painted Ring Wraith from Play Along Toys

Standing 4" tall, he's pretty impressive. Right away you will notice the amount of detail that went into the sculpt. The little ridges on his bony gauntlet are all accounted for. Not a fold was skipped in his morbid cloak, and every buckle on the horse's bridle is in place. He's also very durable. This wraith has a solid weight about him. That comes from eating right and regula exercise. Ofcourse he's a little long in the face, but what are you gonna do?

There is only one true point of articulation. The left arm, holding the sword, is pegged into the shoulder under a drape of his cloak. This allows you to pivot the arm from an attack position to a at-the-ready postion. Honestly, the size of this line of figures makes it possible to layout a massive battel, er battle (see kaiju fight). And I'd rather have something that looks good in pictures than be all poseable and flimsy. Kudos to Play Along for making the sculpt dynamic and detailed that I don't miss the articulation at all. I do feel the need to buy up as many figures and model train landscaping as possible.

The joy of creating a toy of an all black harbinger of death is that you don't need too many paint apps. Silver, red, and the ground are the only colors needed on this one. From what we've seen in the other figures, Play Along doesn't skimp you on paint. This one fits in wonderfully.

From a collector who enjoys visually pouring over a figure, and leaving set ups displayed for others to look at, this figure is amazing. This isn't a figure for making horsey sound effects and slashing up your dress-up hobbit.

Check out the other Play Along Toys LOTR: Armies of Middle Earth toys we've premiered after these pictures.

Click on the images for larger versions.

click for largerclick for largerclick for larger
click for largerclick for largerclick for larger
 Threw the spot light on these (above) so you can see the detail that went into the sculpt.
click for largerclick for largerclick for larger

R Hunter hooked us up with pics of theLOTR Wave 1 figures including the Balrog, Elf soldiers and Orcs.

He also gave us exclusive pics of the Gollum, and the Helms Deep playset. R Hunter took this advertising pic for the Weathertop playset, and shows us how he made the back drop. The weathertop playset if available exclusively at

Stay tuned to for more information on this and other Play Along Toys Lord of the Rings figures.

All names and likenesses are copyright their respective owners. All photos are copyrighted 2003 and may not be reproduced without permission.

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