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Click's Trial Attire Saddam Hussein
by Mr. Stinkhead

I'm not typically a big fan of topical or politcal action figures. If they're too topical, then they run the risk of being lame in six months... if they're political, they run the risk of offending somebody. So traditionally, I stick to pop-culture figures that people know and love. But every now and then my views change.

Then I saw pictures of's Saddam Hussein in trial-against-humanity attire. Hilarious! (You may remember their Jennifer 'Runaway Bride' Wilbanks action figure, complete with towel) This figure looks like Saddam, and they matched his outfit perfectly. Smart charcoal suit, white button-down shirt, no tie. Not his comfortable military fatigues, and thankfully not his droopy tighty whities. This was funny. I really wanted one.

The thoughts started pouring in, what situations could I put this Saddam in? Plenty. He's specifically ready to go to court, for some reason, that's even funnier to me. So I put poor old Saddam through the ringer, each session a little more hellish and impossible than the previous.

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The Figure
This is my first figure. I was surprised at the quality of the body of the figure. It had plenty of articulation, and it held it's poses very well. I was even able to balance Saddam in multiple standing poses without the use of a support base at all. The joints were tight, but fluid. The amount of articulation was surprising. Kudos.

courtesy ahjur.orgThe likeness of Saddam is pretty close, he's got the angry eyes, the yelling mouth, and most importantly, you can make his index finger point in damnation. That's pretty important to me. If one of my action figures is on trial, they should at least be able to declare the court a mockery in their defense.

I thought the custom clothing was impressive. The stitching was well done, and for the most part, the clothes hung on the body correctly. The basic body they use is a little ripped for Saddam in his post-glory days. I think they could have nabbed the likeness a little more closely if they had given him a bit of a paunch. If it's not cost effective to create tons of different body types, I say put some padding in the custom designed clothing to puff him out a bit. But that's just me. It's also an action figure, which is a format designed for exaggeration.

The standardized packaging was a little generic, I would have prefered something that mimicked the courtroom feel (like that little "cage" area where he sits) or at least his hole in the ground. You pull him out from the top anyway. Maybe make custom labels for the different figures' boxes? But again, these are simple nit picks, you should pull him out and display him.

Click meI had a blast putting him in different trial-type scenarios, and think he looks pretty decent next to my other 12 inch action figures. Speaking of trials and judges and such, I'd love to see a Simon Cowell inspired figure. I'd set up random figures from my collection to audition in front of him every day.

I had fun with it, and that's the point of a toy. I always love hearing what topical figures Hero Builders is coming up with next. also does custom action figures of any picture you send in. Talk about a sweet retirement gift for someone. Check out their site to see what they all offer. Also check out their Hotbox fully articulated female action figures. They were recently featured in the movie Grandma's Boy, and actually look pretty hot.

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Article ©2006 A few of these images use elements of copyrighted photographs from Warner Bros, and FreeMantle Entertainment. These photos are used for entertainment purposes only.

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