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Click here Kidrobot's Monger Force Sarge by Frank Kozik
with Jager

Take cover! Frank Kozik's newest toy has dropped from kidrobot. This six inch version of the cigarette smoking grenade, Sarge, from the Monger line is the start of their Monger Force. And it's a great design to kick off line. The added size gives the guy more room for detail and personality. Freebento just got these in stock and thought we'd like to have a closer look at Sarge and they were right. Kozik's style is strong in this tobacco toting explosive device.

Click hereMuch of the design for this Sarge is the same as his smaller counterpart. The eyes, "X", and cigarette all are the same. Kozik's eyes always have a sense of no nonsense about them. I mean sure, eyes drawn that way look evil no matter what, but there is more of a personality in these eyes than that. Maybe the lack of nose and mouth allow your mind to create your own emotion to tie to the toy. Some people claim the design is played out, but the fact is that fans gobble the smorkin' toys up so there has to be something personal in the design. Anyway, back to the toy. The first thing you'll notice that is different from Sarge's mini counterpart is the removable pin and handle. This "lifelike" addition to the toy is really great. The best part is that the entire piece doesn't just come off the top. First you pull the pin, then you have to take the safety handle off, or let it fall away with you chuck the grenade at your landlord. The pieces fit together snugly and the pin is a harder plastic so it slides right in. Also, this Sarge is a little thicker than the mini fig which was a little thin to accurately replicate a grenade. This guy really is a nice size and feels a little like a grenade when you hold him. Under the handle is a pleasant greeting: "Hello! You blow up now!" Okay, so it's not so pleasant, but it's funny. The paint applications are very clean throughout. Granted there aren't too many, but it's worth mentioning that they are clean and there aren't any thin spots. Also, the sculpt is clean with the seam being on the bottom and doesn't overlap badly causing no problems standing sturdy.

Click hereThe coolest addition to the new and improved Sarge is his ability to switch accessories with the previously released Labbit. So not only can he smoke a cigarette, he can have a pipe, moustache, pacifier, or even a stick of dynamite. Overkill? Nah! While, it's hilarious to think about something full of gun powder smoking a cigarette, there is something to be said for a grenade with a huge handlebar moustache. The pegs on the Labbit's accessories are a little smaller than Sarge's cig, but they stay in with no problems. However, if you wanted to make your innocent Labbit smoke…er smork, the cigarette won't fit. Maybe they did this to keep the Labbit an innocent character. Whatever the case, I'm glad it's not the other way around because I just love to have Sarge wear that moustache.

Click hereThe box is pretty nice with a window on top and in the front. The design is different shades of green in color with a silhouette of a soldier on each side. I like how they have Sarge saying "Smoking is bad for you" on the box with the use of a word bubble. Just a friendly reminder.

If you are a Kozik fan you need to pick this guy up. He's an affordable price and the style is very strong in the execution. He looks great in this "life sized" version and looks awesome towering over the mini figure line of the o.g. Mongers.

Freebento has Kozik's Sarge as well as other great Designer Toys and Japanese goodies. Check them out to fill your vinyl needs.

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