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Click here Jumpin' Banana's Shocking Laser Tag Guns
by Mr. Stinkhead

Not too long ago, we reviewed the Shocking Tanks, the RC tanks that deliver a mild electric shock. Well it obviously affected our neurons and synapses and what-not, in that we are now reviewing the shocking Laser Tag game, now available at (Right now, click there and watch the User Submitted Video, starting Mr. Stinkhead and Strange Love !!!!)

What is it with you and mild electrocution—you may ask. I'll tell you. Because it sucks getting electrocuted, for some reason, these toys (the tanks and Lightning Reaction game) are somehow more palatable to the people that think toys are for nerds. Meaning, I have a hard time getting my 20-30-something friends to play RC tanks with me, or join me in a water gun fight, but add mild electrocution, and it's suddenly not a child's activity. It's great seeing the reactions from people who think I'm about to show them another Skeletor or crazy robot. This toy actually hurts you. Eat it, ninny

Click hereSimply strap the medallion to your chest, and then point your gun at your opponents medallion and hold in the RESET button. He does the same. Now you're ready to shoot. The LED system is similar to the Tanks, you lose a dot for every shot, you lose two if they're shooting on HIGH, and once all your dots are gone, you're dead.

Click hereThe Guns
Wow, these guns have a great solid construction. You can grab these things and not worry if you're going to break them. I have to point out that all these shocking toys have been surprisingly well made. It brings them up and above the level of shocking novelty toy.

Click hereI also like how you have to "reload" after every 5 shots. After you're spent, you have to grip the slide on the top and rip it back towards you in a pumping motion, you then have to wait a few seconds before you can shoot again. This is an awesome way to break up the monotany of just shooting constantly at somebody.

The Target
Something else cool you can do to add challenge to this game is to slowly unscrew the little dial in the middle of the medallion. This moves the infrared receptor further back from the orange reflector plate... meaning that the more you unscrew it, the more direct a shot your opponent has to make. Couple that with being able to switch to high-power, it will be a long time before these toys get boring. It will also be a long time before you can have children.

New to the whole "toys that hurt you... on purpose" genre? Check out the Lightning Reaction game for four players, or the Shocking RC Tanks you can drive around. Sweet! (These are also available at Like I said, these are great for playing with people that scoff at your typical games and toys.

You can get this Laser Tag set at Definately check out the video clip of me and Strange Love fooling around with the guns.

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