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STRANGEco's Veil: Specimen #129 by Jermaine Rogers
with jager

Check out our contest at the bottom of this article for your chance to win an original signed and doodled-on Veil: Specimen #129 from !!

Click hereIf you're a fan of Jermaine Rogers' work, you've seen the DERO. These evil bears are featured in much of his poster work and a few years ago debuted as a sick designer toy. In case you aren't privy, these bears are evil geniuses secretly guiding world leaders and pulling the strings from under the Earth since Alexander the Great. Now it's safe to guess that such a monster would need a good many mindless minions on hand to take care of... well anything, right? Enter Specimen 129. These are the DEROs' slaves bred for murder, terrorism, hunting, and anything that comes across their masters' minds. Recently, Veil: Specimen #129 was released from STRANGEco and because of this we are able to have our own pink minion to do our bidding.

Click hereSpecimen 129 is an excellent toy. It has a great design juxtaposing cute and unsettling and the execution is strong. Teddy bears are supposed to be cute, right? Well, Rogers has taken that notion and spun it to come up with these unsettling creatures. This really hits a key in the viewer's mind and makes a lasting impression. Even if you don't particularly like it, Specimen 129 is a toy you won't soon forget. The huge bug eyes have walleyed pupils really giving you the indication this bear has no sense what-so-ever. His mouth is gaped open and he is standing just staring off. It's very unsettling. But add to this the fact it's not just a bear, but a pink bear, and you really get something interesting. The sculpt on the toy is extremely well done. I truly believe that STRANGEco hires the best sculptors. Every detail isn't just painted on; it is cut into the form as well. There are bags under his eyes, the number 72 is cut into the forehead, the teeth are pointy, and there is a cut around the tan accents. Also, it's worth noting that Specimen 129 has a much more fluid pose than his masters, the DERO. The right arm is bent at the elbow and his right leg is also bent to give the impression he isn't standing straight legged, but has his weight shifted to the left. I also really appreciate the sags where the legs meet the feet. It gives the feeling his skin is a little loose and adds to the weight of the toy, like gravity is really pulling down on the guy. The final touch to the excellent sculpt is the microchip on the back of his head. Click here I'm assuming that is how the DERO control their pink slaves. Very nice touch and one I was surprised to see. The paint applications are tight with no runs or bleeds from tan to pink. Finally, I have to point out that Specimen 129's eye's glow in the dark! This really is the icing on the cake to this giant piece of vinyl (the DERO come up to his shoulders). I can't help but wonder though, under that paint does the entire head glow? Overall, the quality is great. especially in design and sculpt and this is a toy that will hold its strength over time.

Click hereThe packaging is also designed by Jermaine Rogers and has an eerie depiction of Specimen 129 being overtaken on the front. The side has a portion of a letter to Vincent Van Gogh from #129 written in 1887, and the top has a crest and the mysterious recurring number 72. Inside the toy is housed safely in plastic and doesn't rattle around during transit. I'm particularly taken in by the image on the front of the box and would love to see a print run.

I'm a huge fan of taking something that is stereotypically perceived one way and twisting it around until it has the opposite effect. To that end, Specimen 129 comes through in spades. But it wouldn't be as nice if the sculpt wasn't so strong as well. If you own a DERO it needs a Veil to control. And if you don't, I'm sure Specimen 129 would be happy to dust your entertainment center. Just don't turn your back on him at night!

Click hereNOWhere Limited had the brilliant idea of having Jermaine Rogers come out and sketch on 25 of the Veil: Specimen 129. 24 of them sold out in a day. The only one still available is right here. All you need to do is email entry AT your name, email, and tell us what you would do if you were in control of a mindless, pink, 8 foot bear. The best answer wins you this mint in box Veil!! Also, they have 12 signed Specimen 129 that are available right now! Hurry, they won't last!! They go on sale on Wednesday March 14th at 2pm Eastern, limit 1 per customer.

Deadline for the contest is March 31, 2007

STRANGEco keeps producing hot vinyl and we keep getting excited. How do they do it? Dedication. Check out their site for info on upcoming and past releases.

Jermaine Roger's site is going to be overhauled at the end of the month. Until then, check out this teaser.

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