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Click here Red Magic Brand's SKET-1 Ci Boys
with Jager

Red Magic's Ci Boys have been around for some time. In fact, they've become a staple to many people's Designer Toy collections. The form is so simple and easily accessible, plus there have been quite a few designs laid onto the form. When sent word that SKET-1 had given the form his unique take on some pop culture icons (something he's known for) we paid attention, and you should too.

Click hereLike I said, the Ci Boys' form is pretty simple: Big round head, chubby/squat body, and tiny little arms. But since the form is so simple, it's easy for artists to dive in and give it their all without the form hindering or dictating their design. In this line we're treated to seven pop culture icons designed by SKET-1. These little guys are great because they don't just reference the characters they are depicting; they actually seem to have their personality. These are some fun toys to say the least. It's also important to note that the toys each have the "Red Magic touch", meaning they bear anime-like emotion queues. Tear drops fall from eyes, sweat drops from a forehead, the little sparkly flash is present, and the facial features are distorted in a classic Asian way. The quality of the toys is consistent throughout the line. Not only are these some hefty pieces of vinyl, the joints are tight and the paint apps are clean. There are a few minor light spots but when a toy of this size has six different passes (colors applied) it's impressive. Each toy has SKET's signature and sports the Ci Boy butthole.

The line has seven different figures, Tattoo from Fantasy Island, Big Boy, Evel Knievel, Flava Flav, the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, Tron, and Jon Belushi's character from Animal House. Shown here are...

Click hereEvel Knievel (TO-7)
Evel here is sporting his red, white and blue outfit complete with stars, huge collar, and cape. The detail on the tiny stars is great. It's impressive how clean they are. I particularly like how his belt buckle is a power button from a computer.

Click hereFlava Flav! (Nomi)
Straight from Public Enemy, or Surreal Life for you young punks, comes the flashiest man in entertainment. Yeeeaaah boyyyyy, who else could pull off wearing gold teeth, a huge clock around their neck, and a Viking helmet (not on the Ci Boy)? No one! This toy rocks with the bling on the teeth and some great detail in the wrinkles on the jump suit.

Click hereTattoo (Hiro)
This life size depiction of Mr. Montebon's sidekick is ready to spot the plane. You can almost hear him say it. The shape of the body is a perfect match for this guy. It doesn't just look like him, it feels like him. The line work on the tux is really tight and he doesn't have a hair out of place.

Click hereBig Boy (Poka)
The shape of the body really matches this guy too. He isn't sporting the smile he's known for, in fact he is crying. But other than that he's great. The checkerboard pattern on his pants is a little off in being lined up in places, but there aren't any runs or miss-sprays. I really like his hair too.

Click hereThis is a fun toy line. I'm impressed with the quality on such small figures, and SKET really killed the icons. They are great to put on your desk or TV and your friends will recognize them instantly, but they also have an original quality to them that only SKET and the Ci Boys could muster.

You should swing over to to pick these hot little guys up. They also have a great selection of Japanese imports and other Designer Toys. Check out our handy all inclusive Designer Toy page too. Maybe you'll learn something.

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