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Scarlett and Snake Eyes Mini-Busts
From Palisades Toys

Review by Brutilus

I love it when companies take pride in exploiting favorite franchises from my youth. When Dark Horse Comics took over doing Star Wars I nearly danced a jig. The only thing that stopped me was that I don't know how.

While perusing their web site, I discovered that Palisades Toys had acquired the license to do resin statues of classic G.I. Joe® characters. *Insert jig here.*

Palisades has done magical things with their Muppet figure and playset lines. They also revived the Micronauts action figure line from the 1970's. Early on, they did busts from Tenchi Muyo! and Trigun. They even did a bang up job with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within franchise, making marvelously sculpted action figures.

Their G.I. Joe line is split into 3 parts: life size busts, statues, and mini-busts.

The mini-busts are the most expansive of the 3 lines including 10 different characters. With the average mini-bust measuring 6 1/4" tall by 2 3/4" across by 2 3/4" deep they are the perfect size to fit on your desk at work or home.

Two of my favorite G.I. Joe characters were Snake Eyes and Scarlett. I was very pleasantly surprised by how faithfully reproduced and exquisitely detailed they were.

Click me Scarlett
The Über-babe of the Joes is a limited edition. Only 2160 of them were made so you should pick yours up now.

Standing 6 1/4" tall, 2 3/4" wide, and 2 3/4" deep, Scarlett has managed to keep her figure for 21 years. (Unlike Lady Jaye, who moved in to a trailer park with Flint...)

The base of her mini-bust is emblazoned with a 3-D original G.I. Joe logo. It has a slightly brushed metal look to it. There are some simulated rust spots on the base. It has a slightly worn look to it.

Click meShe appears in her first generation costume. Unlike many of the Joes, her costume didn't change much with time (except for that stupid Ninja Force debacle). All of the folds and wrinkles in the "fabric" of her outfit are very natural. They appear where they should for her pose.

Her outfit is well-accessorized with her power crossbow, gas grenade, military issue "web" belt, and shurikens.

The power crossbow has no string, but is otherwise perfectly detailed. It is slung on her back by a bandolier. The bandolier has a nicely detailed buckle and extra holes so it appears to be adjustable. The crossbow itself has sights, a trigger, and a bowstring catch mechanism that all look real enough that it should work.

The gas grenade is attached to her shoulder, next to the crossbow bandolier. It has been painted to look like worn metal. It has a pin sculpted in it, but no spoon. I stare at it waiting for it to explode.

The shurikens are positioned properly on her left glove. They are the same shape as the ones originally found on her first action figure in 1982. Kudos to the research done on this figure!

The web belt, which is rather seductively slung over her right hip, has a pouch on it which she is reaching into.

Scarlett got backScarlett herself is magnificent. She appears a little waifishly thin, but is still curvy. She is sculpted down to the bottom of her hips. The skintight outfit is definitely sculpted by someone who had a crush on her when he was younger. Her hair is done perfectly. The color matches her namesake. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and has blonde highlights. The rear sight of the crossbow parts her hair where it rests. There appear to layers of individual strands or hair.

Beautiful and deadly as ever. Scarlett gets a HUGE thumbs up from me.

Scarlett is available at

Click meSnake Eyes

The mutilated, ninja bad ass of the Joes has arrived in style at Palisades. He is taller and wider than the rest of the mini-busts thanks to the sword he is holding. He measures 9" tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword. He is 4" inches wide from his elbow to the far side of his base.

Snake Eyes' base has more details on it than Scarlett's. There are many more spots of rust and brushing. Even the lettering has a worn look to it. Kind of fitting for the mutilated, workhorse of the Joe team.

Click meHe is in his second generation outfit. He is wearing that awesome visor instead of the goggles that were on his first and third generation figures. The man is ripped. The muscles on his arms, chest, and back are perfectly defined. You can almost make out his facial features through his mask. Even the muscles in his neck are easy to pick out!

Click meHis bodysuit has dozens of pouches and straps. The bandolier across his chest has 3 grenades strapped to it. The grenades have both pins and spoons and look almost real enough to make you yell, "Fire in the hole!" He also has a dart gun built into his right wristband.

The sword he is holding is nicely sculpted. I matches the one that was packed with him in his second issue. The only thing he appears to be missing is the Uzi that he always seemed to have.

Click meSome of the details on the belts and bandoliers are rather impressive. Every plate and buckle is riveted on. The pouches have simulated button closures on them. There are even hooks on the rear of the bandolier for his sword to be secured.

Even though Snake Eyes is unfinished (just his lower back) this is a great desktop accessory for any G.I. Joe fan.

Check out more Palisades goodness on our Palisades coverage page. Also swing by for more.

Snake Eyes is available at

All likenesses are property of Palisades Toys and Hasbro. Article copyright 2004

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