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Click for largerPlan B Toys' Special Forces: Mission II

I was never a gigantic GI JOE fan growing up. I liked the more fantasy based Turtles, He-Man, and Transformers. The army stuff was like regular guys with big guns. I passed.

Then I'm introduced to the Plan B's Special Forces figures. These things are the most articulated figures I've ever played with... I mean posed for display. They are a really solid, well detailed figure too. And the number of accessories each figure comes with is insane.

More about the detail, the Plan B guys went all the way. The binoculars are really hollowed out with clear lenses, the silencers plug on the nose of the pistol or fit snugly in the leg holster with the gun. The accessories such as the grenades and smoke bombs are expertly detailed down to the little handles and seams. No matter how careful you are, they will end up in the crack of your couch at some point.

The articulation is like none other I've seen before. The head; shoulders; bicep; elbow; wrist; waist; hips; knee; and ankle all move, allowing for some pretty sweet poses. They are just two notches away from that Saigon escort I...

These figures are also historically accurate. The guys spent time talking with military consultants to get the weapons, gear, and overall look as realistic and accurate as possible.

So what's next? Mission II is available now at and The upcoming Mission III is a GameStop exclusive, and the SF: Emergency crew will be available hopefully later this year. Special Forces: WWII was also shown at Toy Fair this year.

Navy SealNAVY SEAL Night Ops75th Ranger
US NAVY SEAL Team 6: Red Cell
  • picture
  • Comes with MP5 SD3, 9mm Submachinegun, Mk23 SOCOM Pistol and silencer, Flash Bang grenades and vest.
US NAVY SEAL Night Ops Diver
  • picture
  • Comes with Limpet mine, magnetic shape charge, MP5N Submachinegun, MK23 SOCOM pistol, Dreager LAR-V Rebreather and dive fins.
  • The rebreather and swim fins can be securley attached
75th Ranger Regiment
  • picture
  • Comes with M16A2/M203, 5.56mm assault rifle with grenade launcher, MK 23 SOCOM Pistol and silencer, flashlight, rappelling rope and harness
  • Rope is real thread and the harness can really be attached to the figure
MedicDelta forceMercenary
5th Special Forces Group: Medic
  • picture
  • Comes with IV bag, canvas stretcher, Sig Sauer P228 Pistol, Modified M4 Assualt Rifle and alternate head
  • The included bloody head can be popped onto any of your other SF figures for the medic to treat
Delta Force
  • picture
  • Comes with Modified M4 Assualt rifle, Sig Sauer P228 Pistol, canteen, flashlight, and AN/PRC-119 Field radio
  • The field radio has a real telephone cord-looking wire between the unit and headset.
Mercenary Gunman
  • picture
  • Comes with FA-MAS Assualt rifle, Sig Sauer P228 pistol, Ammo box, frag grenades, Kevlar Ballistic vest and alternate head
  • The two heads give you a choice between classic IRA and 1972 Olympic Games Terrorist style
Mission III; SF: Emergency; Special Forces: WWII

Toy Fair 03 coverage

All figure likenesses, and photos are copyrighted 2002 Plan B Toys unless otherwise noted.

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