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Click here UNKL's UniPo series 5 - Speed Demons
with jager

Start your engines! UNKL's newest UniPo series is ready to take the checkered flag with their race car inspired designs. Standing just two inches tall, these have to be the fastest mini figures in existence. Sure, they don't look too fast with their little legs, big heads, and stocky bodies but trust me: These guys are ripping up the track. They're so fast in fact that one in every four is a cop to keep an eye on the Speed Demons.

Click hereThe UniPos all have the same sculpt with five points of articulation (neck, arms, and wrists). This is a really solid sculpt which is to be expected, since the UNKL crew are talented designers in their own right. It really lends itself to many different designs whether they're more abstract or character based like these. As stated, the theme this series is based on race car drivers. Three of the four are wearing helmets and jumpsuits like NASCAR speed freaks and the fourth member is a police officer complete with porn star mustache and aviator glasses. The paint applications are really tight in this series. The pockets, faces, and little details are all really crisp with no smudges or drips. Also, it's awesome how each mini has a different personality. Number One is chilled out in his orange, Number Two is more intense with his goggles and exposed ears, Number Three is all business and has a great Ford inspired logo on his back, and Number Four is the copper ready to bust those fools! The colors are bright and energetic throughout the series and I love how the numbers are worked into the design of each toy with the proper style to suit the character.

Click hereOverall this series is a fun line of UniPo. The police officer is my pick of the line, but they all are funny. Like all UniPo, these guys come with a hilarious fortune like a delicious cookie. But don't eat the UniPo!

Now here's your chance to rev up your engines and win your own set of Speed Demons! If you'd like to win first place, shoot a message to with "Speed" in the subject line and the answer to this question in the message body: Who holds the title for the most wins in NASCAR history? Good luck!

UNKL's site is a treasure trove of coolness. Toys, art, shirts, blogs, you name it! Check it out!

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