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click for larger Toy Biz's Spider Man 2, 18 inch, Amazing Spider Man
by Jager

Toy Biz has achieved near perfection with this rendition of everyone's favorite wall crawler. (How many wall crawlers are there anyway?) This figure, to me, is much like Michelangelo's David is to art historians. This is when it all comes together. Great character, great sculpt lots of sturdy articulation; in short, there is very little wrong with this figure and oh so much is done right.

click for largerPackage
To start off, Toy Biz took the extra time to package this perfect piece of plastic (say that five times fast) in two different types of packages; each with a different pose. This was a cool idea or some crazy marketing scheme to trick us into buying two. The box itself has a large window in the front showing off the figure, so if you like to keep things mint you can still enjoy looking at Spider Man. But if you own this and didn't open it, I'm going to come to your house a take it because this is just too nice a figure to keep sealed! The back of the box gives a rundown of its 67 points of articulation and shows a few images just to let you know what this puppy is capable of.

click for largerArticulation
Five words: sixty seven points of articulation. We've been hard pressed here at the office to find someone who can match this feat. This is truly amazing. Each finger is articulated. Sure, you say, Old news. But it's not just each finger. It's each knuckle in the finger! The thumb even has a twist feature so you can make a proper fist or give the thumbs up.

click for largerThe body and limbs bend at every point they should. There are very few poses I can think up that he can't do. The only flaw in this department is that the joints where his legs attach to his pelvis don't allow for him to raise his legs past the sitting position. But I can live with that when I consider the rest. Especially when the rest entails this: these joints are tight! No, I'm not talking about the open air concert last week, I'm talking about Spiderman! [Ed note: We can dig it!] When you pose this fella, he stays there. In fact some of the joints are so tight, I was afraid I'd break his arm off a few times. But after awhile he loosens up and is ready for action. But he still can stand in the weirdest positions with no problem. Aside from the tightness, there's a ratcheting system in the major joints to help hold poses.

click for largerIt's all in the details.
Imagine the creative team meeting where they learned they were making an 18 inch Spider Man. Half were excited because now they can put in all those details they've been dying to do, and the other half were scared because they were in charge of making the molds with all those webs and joints. This is based on the movie version of the icon so it has the web grid on his pants. This is raised. Also, the gray webbing on the red is raised. The spider insignias on his chest and back are continued under the chest/back overlaps. This allows for him to touch his toes and still have a complete Spider symbol on his back. The biggest thing that the team did with this figure was to cover each and every screw with a cap. Now every joint is seamless. The paint application is tight. The gray webbing is crisp and doesn't bleed onto the red. Also, the eyes aren't just white. There's a metallic second coat that gives the eyes a wonderful shine. This thing is beautiful I tell you!

click for largerAccessories?
The figure comes with a web shooter that attaches to either forearm. It's spring loaded and somehow they must have slipped it by the US safety commission because this puppy has some serious power! There are three different webs to shoot too: One net, one three pronged grabber, and one that is the basic ball of web. Surprisingly, it doesn't look too bad. It's not too bulky and it's sculpt and paint match the forearm.

click for largerA little more love.
This has become the prize piece of my collection. Aside from it being an icon with near 100 percent recognition, it's just a really fine action figure. From start to finish Toy Biz really put their all into this Spider Man and it paid off in a big way. To top it all off, the price point on this guy is around 20 bucks. That's a lot of figure for that amount of money. If you go buy this figure, you'll never regret it. Well, you may regret all the free time you lose because you can't put it down.

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