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Click meSideshow Toy's Jason 12"
Based on the movie Freddy Vs. Jason

review By Lando da Pimp

It seems that after New Line Cinema released the long awaited Freddy vs Jason that Jason & Freddy are more popular than ever. Sure the countless sequels got worse than the originals. Freddy vs. Jason has helped make me forget Jason X which was possibly the worst film of the series next to Friday the 13th part V. Just like in the films Jason can never die.

Click meSideshow Toys has made available a set of 12" figures based on last year's film. Even though the film is about a year old, the merchandise keeps on coming. And unlike the bad sequels, the toys get better. Let's take a look at Jason Vorhees:

The details in the packaging are just wonderful. The backdrop of the box uses a scene from the movie with a close up of Jason's machete with Freddy Kruger in the background. Freddy's box is just the opposite. The rest of the box contains actual toy photos of Jason. Nice touch.

Click meSculpt / Pain / Articulation:
Jason really isn't a 12" figure he is more like 15". Since Jason is taller than Freddy (who is only 12") Sideshow took height scale into consideration. Jason's size and stature is perfectly translated. The head sculpt is the most detailed part of the figure. The mask has been sculpted with a number of scratches from Freddy's claws. The only downfall is that the mask is not removable but contains great paint details on the masks buckle with a patch of gray hair on his bulbous head. The eyes are sunken into his head showing how lifeless but menacing expression.

Click meJason has a total of 32 points of articulation making it very easy to pose the figure in a number of fighting positions. The wrists have no motion to them, reducing his attack of unsuspecting naked girls to simple slashes with his machete, similar to the movie.

Clothing / Accessories:
Jason's clothing is the same from the film with his olive colored jacket and dark navy overalls. The jacket has amazing details with torn holes and shredded sleeves. Frankenstein-like boots reinforce Jason's tall menacing form.

Click meJason's favorite weapon has always been the machete. The figure comes with two different blades, one covered in blood and the other with sculpted flames that look more like goo than fire. Fire has always been hard to recreate in toy form. Sideshow has done a decent job but I questioned what the fire was at first. A decapitated head would have been a great accessory. Jason's beat-up Teddy bear is the final inclusion. The bear, like the machetes, easily fit in his right hand on those occasions where Jason needs to snuggle up with his boy hood stuffed animal.

Final Thought:
With the exception of the fire laced machete, this is a fantastic sculpt of Crystal Lake's serial killer. Sideshow, as always, has placed more attention and effort into the figure to please the hardcore fans.

You can pick up Jason and other popular figures from

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