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Star Wars Coverage

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roger roger Jager shrinks down to check out the Star Wars Kubricks (from Phantom Menace) and some Super Deformed Minis
The Force is strong with... this lamp Jager lights up his room with a Light Saber lamp
Star Wars Cross Sections illustrated
Goodmornin! Tell your sister... you were right. The seventh series of Star Wars Kubricks (Return of the Jedi) are sweet.
cough cough wheeze wheeze Lando concludes LEGO week with the under utilized General Grievous Starfighter
You came in that thing? LEGO week continues with Day 4. Today Lando checks out the Imperial Landing Craft
I hate these guys Day 3 of Star Wars Lego week looks at the Troop Expansion Packs
CHICKEN FIGHT LEGO week continues with Day Two: AT-ST
Y oh Y did you start with this one? Lando takes a look at all the new LEGO Star Wars Sets. Day One: Y-Wing
Join me at CoSi Lando and Tate check out the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition.
Where are you taking this....thing? Jager examines the new 6th series of Star Wars Kubricks
You're braver than I thought Stinkhead is silently stunned by the growth spurt that is 400% Kubrick Batman and Han Solo (as Stormtrooper)
Just a little higher, a little higher! Lando dies, honorably, while checking out Jabba's Sail Barge LEGO set.
He's no good to me dead Lando gets attached to the newly updated LEGO Slave 1 ship, complete with Boba Fett, Cloud City Guard, Dengar and IG-88 minifigures!
I need some chap stick. For my head Jager miniaturizes the Star Wars universe in style! with the Kubricks and Ci Boys Star Wash figures.
Oooon tindi! Lando scavenges for days... builds the new, exclusive LEGO Sandcrawler complete with rogue droids and nasty Jawas.
Cough cough hack hack Lando examines the Episode III books Visual Dictionary and Incredible Cross-Sections
Tuxxer plays the new Revenge of the Sith video game.
Ohhhh yeah Lando is on the scene at Celebration III check out his first day of photos. Stars, cosplay, and hottie slave girls. (Write up, pics)
Check out all the new LEGO Playsets and Hasbro Action Figures we saw this year at Toy Fair
Yeah, well I have a lot of arms Lando puts together the latest LEGO Episode III play sets.
This isn't the droid you're looking for Lando plays the all new Episode III Revenge of the Sith TV Video Game.
This isn't about RHPS? Lando shares his, and our readers', experiences of the latest Midnight Madness for Episode III figures.
This isn't about RHPS? Attending Midnight Madness on Friday? Here is what you need to know. We also could use your help.
LEGO is not as forgiving as I am Lando da Pimp, and many bothans died to bring you the LEGO Imperial Shuttle.
I find your lack of faith disturbing Check out Darth Tater and some other inspired Potato Heads from Lando and Stinkhead like Batman and Leather Face.
Don't forget to visit your OB1-GYN once a year Lando picks up three new Episode III figures, including Preggers Padme, Obi Wan, and General Grevious.
wook-e / e-wok??Lando snags the Star Wars Episode III preview figures.
this droid has a bad motivator Lando puts together the LEGO Star Fighter & Vulture Droid, and new Original Trilogy TIE Fighter with light up Vader!
you're not my father! Lando gets a sneak preview LEGO Anakin Skywalker that lights up!
It's markings match those that blasted its way out of Mos EisleyLando installs the hyperdrive in the all new Millenium Falcon by LEGO.
nerd alertTate Blackmore looks at the humorous ways Expanded Star Wars material would dodge Episode III plot lines.
That's not true! That's impossible!Lando recreates his favorite moments of despair from ESB with the LEGO Cloud City play set.

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