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Click hereMedicom Toys' Star WarsKubricks Series 6
with jager

Collectors of Star Wars are a ravenous bunch: the most completist of all collectors, wanting a figure of each and every character to appear on the screen (and some who didn't!). That being said, the newest line of Star Wars Kubricks scratches that itch of needing some lesser known characters. sent four of the six over for a look and I gotta say that even though the line only sports one big name, it's a solid showing.

As always, Kubrick quality control is top notch. These are some really clean figures, especially considering the size of the toy and the line work involved. The plastic used is solid and the box claims "unbreakable." I don't know about that, but they can definitely fall from your shelf and not take any damage. Here's something interesting, sometime between the Grand Theft Auto Kubricks (my last set) and these, the heads became permanently attached. I suppose this is a move to keep little guys and gals from choking, but I always enjoyed switching up the pieces on Kubricks to see what I could come up with. Like I said, these are really nice overall, but let's see what stood out on each toy.

Click hereDeath Star Trooper
This guy has the coolest hat. It almost looks like the back of Vader's helmet. The details are sculpted into it (holes, earphones, hair sticking out of back), and it's a nice shiny plastic. The detail work on the face and suit is very clean. He comes with a standard issue blaster rifle. Everyone got one when they joined the Empire. Where's yours?

Click hereR4-M9
This droid is a nice addition to the series. His head twists and his two main legs are jointed. I was a little disappointed that the feet didn't tilt. This means he can only stand at one angle. However, the paint apps are tight and the sculpt is dead on. This almost doesn't look like a Kubrick, and is a little large to be at scale with the other figures. However, the style of the detail applications are the same so it fits in nicely.

Click hereTie Fighter Pilot
This toy is great. The black and gray colors are very subtle in their detail work and the sculpted chest piece controls are a nice touch. I popped his helmet off to see if there was a face to this pilot and horror upon horrors, the Empire uses faceless pilots!! If it's possible, that makes this toy all the more evil. This figure makes me long for a Kubrick style Tie Fighter. He comes with the same blaster that the Trooper had.

Click hereLuke Skywalker in X-Wing Fighter gear
Look out for that AT-AT!! Now the next time it snows you can re-enact the greatest scenes from Empire Strikes Back. Luke looks determined in his suit. The helmet is the best part of this toy with the clear yellow visor, just like the real thing. Actually, every single aspect of these toys is just like the real thing, only blocky. The chest plate controls are sculpted here too, not just painted on. Not only does Luke come with his blaster, he has a little lightsaber. It's not on, so it's just the handle but it has a little peg on it that fits snugly into a hole on his belt. Very nice touch.

Click hereThe boxes for this set aren't blind, so you know what you're getting. Again, this is nice for the Star Wars completists out there. I like how each box has a different quote from a movie referencing the toy inside. For example Luke's box says, "This is Red Five. I'm going in!" That's a fun touch that adds a nice finish to the boxes. The series also includes RA-7 (briefly seen on the Jawas' Crawler) and a Rebel Trooper with a helmet pretty close to his sworn enemy, the Death Star Trooper.

Click hereLike I said, this set only has one main player in the Star Wars Universe, but it's a nice set all the same. Not only do we get treated to a nice assortment of some lesser characters, it's a great chance to make a Kubrick Death Star Trooper army!

Head over to to pick up these and other Kubricks. They also have a great selection of Designer Toys and rare Japanese imports.

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