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Smelled by Mr. Stinkhead

There's a new group of kids on the block, and damn, do they stink. No, they really stink. Stink Blasters™ are new 3 inch figures that emit a foul odor when you squeeze their head. They're irrevrant, they're offensive, and they're disgusting. I'm in love.

Newly created by MEG, the Stink Blasters come in an initial assortment of 24. Each with a unique sculpt and scent. They are divided into six crews of four figures, organized by odor theme.

The B.O. Brothers smell like body odor. The Breathers have horrid breath. The Gasser Guys are silent, but deadly. The Nature Crew is all natural. The Veggies smell like rotting beans, and the Stench Brothers, are just disgusting.

Click for reverseEach figure comes blister packed with a trading card and a carrying case. This snap-tight case will become the most important thing in the world. It does a great job of keeping the stench in, and prevents accidental discharge when in your pocket. It also has a handy clip for tagging along on your pants. Like I don't have enough problems with odors clinging to my pants.

The figure itself is impressive. The sculpt is detailed and expressive. They're each uniquely different, and they don't look like rip-offs from existing collectible novelties. They stand pretty well for having massive stink-filled heads, and their paint jobs are cool. Here are some pics of the Silent Gasser, Master Blaster, Butt Breath Bob, and Porta Potty Paul. Notice the conspicuous brown stains

I have Cow Pie Pete™ (above) who is supposed to smell like cow pies. C'mon now, keep up! It smells. I have been giving people just a whiff of the stink containment unit instead of the full blast from squeezing his cranium. (I give it a 6 on the convenient Millionaire Playboy Stink-O-Meter below) The commercial (7.3 Mb) recommends a full blast however. Especially if you are a boy, and especially if your victim is a girl. Wearing pink. And has cooties.

Barfin BenI think these things are great. I've smelled Barfin' Ben™ (left) and he gets an 8 on our scale below. I am equally repulsed yet drawn in. Much like watching I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Ok, I'm sorry, it's not that repulsive.

The Stink Blasters™ are going international too. Set to be released in over 30 countries, kids are going to want to collect the foreign translations as well. Barfin' Ben is Vito Vomito in Italian and Cow Pie Pete becomes Toni Caca de Vaca in Spanish.

They're planning full accessories too, such as vehicles, a battle arena, additional trading cards, and scratch-n-sniff stickers. If they keep the price point low enough that kids can afford them with their allowance, they'll do great. I can safely predict parents will not be buying these things for their kids.

Check out the Stink Blaster™ website, it has great info and pics on all of the characters and their back stories. Also check out our review of the Stink Blaster Blaster, the gun that shoots stinky air 15 feet, and then cruise by and see our Stink Blaster coverage at Toy Fair 2004. Here's the packaging, so you know what to look for.


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Click here for Toy Fair coverage

Stink Blasters, Cow Pie Pete, Barfin' Ben, and all related characters are © MEG. All images are ©2003 unless otherwise noted.

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