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Click hereMedicom's Superman Returns Kubrick and Bearbrick two-pack
by Jager

When Superman Returns hit theatres last summer, we were all reminded how great Superman is and all but forgot the Richard Pryor fiasco of Superman III. To commemorate the occasion, Medicom Toys produced the Superman Returns Kubrick/Bearbrick two-pack. When sent word they were available at their online shop, we took notice. Sure, Superman is arguably not as cool as Batman, but the comic geek in all of us loves the big Boy Scout. And when he's paired with a shiny chrome Bearbrick, he's hard to resist!

Click hereWe're always impressed with Medicom's ability to bring so much of the character represented into their blocky Kubricks. While this doesn't really look like Brandon Routh, this is definitely Superman. He has a determined look on his face, like he's back for good this time. The sculpt is like most Kubricks' but has the added pecs. I still can't decide whether I like these or not. I'd like to see him without them with just the "S" painted on his flat chest. Also, with this addition he can't raise his hands up for a proper flying position. His hair is sculpted very nicely with the spit curl coming down just right. He has eight points of articulation at the shoulders, wrists, head, waist, and legs, just like all Kubricks. I can't help but notice how pale his skin tone is though. I don't understand that. It doesn't look out of place, but he's definitely paler than most. The paint applications are smooth and the detailed muscle lines are crisp. The cape is hard plastic and keeps him from sitting, but how often does Superman sit? He's a busy man!

Click hereThe Man of Steel Bearbrick is really sweet. He is absolutely the shiniest toy I've ever seen. e is a bit taller than Superman, which is common for Bearbricks. I love the fact that he is just totally silver with a black "S" on his chest. The silver is very smooth with no cracks or crinkles and reflects everything nicely. The plastic used feels a bit more fragile than the plastic for Superman, but I suppose it has to do with the silver shininess. He has as much articulation as Superman (eight points). I was really blown away by this toy. I was expecting Superman to be nice since Kubrick toys are always great, but this Bearbrick really caught me by surprise. He's so simple and perfect.

Click hereThis two-pack is a great pick up for the Superman collector and would make a great addition for the Kubrick fanatics too. Of all the Superman Returns toys I've seen depicting the Man of Steel, these are my favorite. I love the Kubrick style and the shiny Bearbrick is a must have. has these and other Kubricks available. They also have lots of other Japanese imports and Designer Toys. Check them out.

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