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Mattel's Superman Returns Lex Luthor and
SDCC Exclusive Solomon Grundy
by Mr. Stinkhead

click for largerLex Luthor
Wow! I'm blown away with the likeness on this Lex Luthor. For being a "children's toy" it looks as good if not better than I initially expected. I had fun playing around with the initial batch, but I think even at this scale, the figure is clearly Spacey doing his best Luthor. I also like how the figure is in muted colors and realistic garb. His boots are very detailed, and the tails of his coat are soft rubber to allow for more poses.

click for largerI'm also impressed with the amount of accessories you get. The Kryptonite laden missile and launcher is very nice. I like the added touch of the transparent Kryptonite embedded in the middle. You also get a pair of binoculars that sling around Lex's neck, and a single green crystal for him to hold. Did I mention the goggles? They slide on nicely, and even makes the toy slightly resemble K-Pax. But I never saw that movie.

click for largerThis is a great figure. I don't think I would change anything about it except to see them more regularly. Lex looks great posed next to Superman on your desk at work, but if your nephew (or small pet) get their grubby mitts on him, he'll survive. Just watch the small choking hazards with the little ones.

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click for largerSolomon Grundy SDCC Exclusive
Unfortunately, your friends at MPb will be unable to RSVP to SDCC in the positive. We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives ok! Sheesh. Anyway, I am truly impressed with this exclusive, available only to attendees at SDCC next weekend. You're going to want to leave this one in the package. I tried opening mine gently so I could give you some pictures, but I didn't think I could remove him with out ruining the cool action feature.

click for largerSolomon is hanging out in a dingy sewer diarama, flanked by two oozing pipes. When you pull the cord on the front and release, it rattles the cellaphane "oooze" to simulate it pouring out of the pipes. The effect is great, and worth keeping in the package. The figure has some heft to it, and consists of both plastic and soft rubber. So even if you disregard my advice, you'll have a great looking figure.

click for largerI also like the cool details on the top of the packaging. There is an open man hole cover in the middle of a street on the top flap. This allows light in so you can see what's going on in there. I like how they embraced the packaging to really make it all part of the diarama. On the back is a cool scene of Solomon attacking Hawkgirl. This figure is definately worth the wait in line.

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